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I've stopped following this pattern for life experiments, and instead will be doing blog posts with bigger and better evaluated idea.

Everyday we wake up, follow a routine, do all the same things over and over again. We don’t really think what we’re doing with every minute of our lives. We don’t think about change. Which is not that great if you really think about it.

Most of us unknowlingly live the same life over and over again. We do the same things repeatedly - choosing to not change or try new things out of the fear of unknown or simply because we've grown accustomed to something. We keep saying and thinking - maybe one day I'll try this - but never end up doing. And then we justify it by saying we never had time - or that we can't do it because it doesn't fit in to our current lives. This list of things we wish want to do but don't grows long over our lives like a hanging dead weight on our conscience.

Based on our observations, we infer something or come up with new results. This process is called as scientific deduction. Which is the way scientists are supposed to look at everything. Data are facts. Then by contrast, why can’t we live our life scientifically? Do what helps us achieve all that we dream of? Recognize where we fall short. Understand what makes us tick, and what doesn’t. All through running a few little experiments by yourself, which is the basis of life experiments.

This realization led to me develop Life Experiments where I try something new or something I've always thought or wondered about for a week - and see how that goes. The idea can be anything - time management, food, sleep patterns, social interactions, work, study, reading. And I end up having fun doing it and being happy in the long run.

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