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S. by J. J. Abrams
A creative book with a story, and a story in margin notes

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***
Book notes, thoughts, and reactions

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Being Mortal
A book about the medicinal world and the awareness of our own mortality

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Six Wakes
A sci-fi murder mystery set in a ship with a crew of clones

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Sacred Games
Read the book after watching the series on Netflix

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Fiasco is a hard science masterpiece by Stanislaw Lem

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An amazing book by Neil Stephenson. A favourite.

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reading without guilt (buy old books!)
I found Amazon sold used books and ordered a few; the joy of reading paperbooks without the guilt!

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Lord of the Flies
What happens when a group of young boys are stranded on an island?

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The classic stories by James Joyce based in Dublin

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Who Rules the World?
A Noam Chomsky critique about the American policy on global affairs

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Charles Bukowski
The prolific writer, claimed by a friend to be the most filthy man she's read. I agree.

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Never Let Me Go
A brilliant novel that takes you on a journey of wonderment, and bitter surprise.

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Animal Farm
A must-read classic by George Orwell

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Do android's dream of electric sheep?
The Philip K. Dick book that gave way to Blade Runner

tags: Philip K. Dick; post-apocalyptic; sci-fi;

The Vegetarian
A bizzare book about individual choice, the body, eroticism, and human cruelty

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Fahrenheit 451
for the love of books

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The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower

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