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description: An amazing book by Neil Stephenson. A favourite.
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Anathem is a wonderful wonderful book full of little bundles of thought-provoking fodder. It is not a short book. But reading it is an immense joy. Neil Stephenson, who has also written other favourites such as Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, Seveneves; shines in his element in this novel. Anathem is a philosophical argument of society, of science, but it is also science itself, and from the philosophical point of view. It made me think and be nearer to the monks (just like in the story) who are not cared about the shiny gadgetry of this world, but ponder deep in their thoughts of what is and what may be.

Anathem is deep, and one must contemplate everything they read, even though it is a story, because every story has an argument to make, sometimes subtle, sometimes stated clearly. For the first half of the book, I was wondering where the author was going, why was the story so slow, and why was I reading about a monastery. But patience had its reward, and the second half of the book proved why the first half was necessary. Anathem builds a universe as your read, and thrusts you into it. Or pulls you into it. Or weaves your being into its intricate lines. Regardless, it becomes one of my most beloved books, and someday, I wish to take it up again, and retire to a quiet place where I can read by myself this gem.