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description: The classic stories by James Joyce based in Dublin
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Ah, Dubliners! For ages I have heard, read, watched, and gathered about the various niceties this novel provides. When I found a copy of the book in my home (the copy was not mine), I borrowed it from the shelf to give it a try. After reading about half of the first story, I got a copy of it on my Kindle. And I finished reading it, which signals that it is a good book.

Dubliners is made up of short stories, set very much in Dublin, and imbued with characters and culture from an era of yesterday. I found the language so much more rich and elegant rather than the stories, which seemed plucked out of a dream. There was no start, and there was no end, but what little passage was in between seemed pleasant. There were subtleties to be seen and interpreted within the stories, but they were well hidden, and not nudged or hinted in any manner. It is the mark of a good storyteller.