Lord of the Flies

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description: What happens when a group of young boys are stranded on an island?
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This is an iconic novel. Let me re-iterate that again, an iconic novel. Lord of the flies follows the story of a few preadolescence - 6 years to just shy of hitting teenage maturity. The kids are stranded on an island after a plane crash and must now fend for themselves. The novel offers an interesting and almost satirical parallel between how kids eventually turn into warring factions (and ideologies) and how this perfectly mirrors our society though we fail to realise it.

When the novel starts, one is immediately drawn into how immature the kids seem to be. Some of their decisions seem outright stupid and one wonders how such beings can even survive on the island by themselves. There are no whites, and no blacks. There aren't even any greys. Just kids. Left to themselves, the naturally dormant tendencies to lead, to cry, to submit, to dominate, and to violate come out eventually. And isn't that what everyone is made up of?

I half-expected it to go crazy like Battle Royale, but instead, we get a much more nuanced and believable (seriously, think it is so) character sketch around the three lead characters - Ralph, Piggy, and Jack. I absolutely loved the bit at the end, and without spoiling it, I'd just say that it is a really great ending as it is almost like holding a mirror to see we all are just the same inside.