The Vegetarian

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description: A bizzare book about individual choice, the body, eroticism, and human cruelty
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The promise of the books was some bizzare concoction where a person suddenly gives up meat. Yes, the story promised bizzareness, but it was certainly not what I expected. It was weird, and heavy. The story is actually made up of three novelletes, which form stories on their own, though clearly interlinked by the same cast of characters. The overarching theme of individual (body) being the last resort of freedom; expressed in the desire to go vegetarian in a meat-loving society; is mixed and mingled with various others that question the notion of thought and acceptance. Curiously, the book is not about vegetarian, or vegan as the term should have been in the book. There are related notes of human cruelty being inescapable, or that of innocense in the human psyche being lost and never to return unless through madness. The unpreparedness of such heavy themes caught me off guard, and though the book was not something I find entertaining, I would still be glad to have finished it. After all, it did not take more than a few hours, and I was sitting in Stephen's Green, by the lake. No, the book was definitely good, and something I would recommend to be read simply to mull over the feelings that remain after the initial confusion of what the book was all about.