Who Rules the World?

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description: A Noam Chomsky critique about the American policy on global affairs
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For me, as a computer scientist, Noam Chomsky will always be the person associated with languages and grammar. He's also been prolific in another area - his observation of politics. I found his latest book - Who Rules the World - while I was browsing for Charles Bukowski's Pulp; and I bought it impulsively.

The book is a dense read, it is crammed with facts, opinions, and a lot of arguments that are difficult to take without being aware of what has been happening in the world around you. But it cannot be argued that the man has taken effort to provide references and pointers to Why he think the way he does. He is unabashed about being anti-America, though I exaggerate in the use of that phrase.

I had the inkling in my mind for a long long time about how global politics works. About the happenings behind the shadow that are not talked about in polite social parties, or the newspapers, the difference is not much these days. So reading the book allowed me to gather a collection of facts and fit in the missing pieces to the puzzles in my head. If one is interested in the happenings of the world, and the way America has essentially been interacting (to be polite about it) with the countries, and the involvement in every single conflict taken place, the book offers one side of the coin.