Angry Indian Goddesses

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description: A review of Angry Indian Goddesses
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The film Angry Indian Goddesses is as feminist as it gets. But it feels as if it has taken up too much on its platter, and does not know what to do with it. The first half of the film is wonderful, showing the reality of our dysfunctional lives and how friends just help us carry on with each other. Each character is simply well written and acted exquisitely, whether it be the groom-to-be or the maid. There's enough plethora and diversity to not make them fill like a niche motley of people who just happened to be together.

In the second half of the film, the story starts to falter as the happy events take a sad turn. I was particularly displeased with the ending, noble and cliche as it was, showing a random group of people standing up in solidarity for a revenge murder charge.

This is one film I would ask everyone to see, if not enjoy, simply to listen to the other side of the conversation once in a while. The film cleverly masks the feminist view of independence and instead shows the victim's point of view as being the sufferer. But it also liberates them by showing them to capable of being brave to make their own decisions, and along the way, take control of their lives.