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description: A determined police officer (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) threatens to destroy a crime lord's (Shah Rukh Khan) powerful empire in Gujarat, India.
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Raees is a Shah Rukh Khan film. Period. The other settings, the cast, the story, everything does not matter. And that is because the film is SRK, and SRK is the film. For fans, that's a good thing. The portrayal of a local kid who grew up to become the infamous smuggler of explosives used in the Mumbai blast, Raees is an empathy film for the character. SRK is well versed in the role, playing a dominating character struggling to do the 'right' thing. The direction is well-done, so is the story, the editing and a lot of the aspects. Inspite of these, Raees is a commercial film. The actress, whose casting and subsiquent social conditions created quite an uproar does not justify the character she is playing. Her role is small, quite insignificant. The only other character that manages to stick is Jaideep Mujumdar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). The film chugs along, and everyone can predict the fall of the hero towards the end. Stuck in riots, with no way out, Raees agrees to smuggle unknown things along with his liquor, but ends up being guilty of being party to terrorism. The film feels like an explanation of why Raees ended up doing so - out of necessity to the people he supported, quite literally. Whether the audience buys the premise or not, the film fails to provide the other side of the narrative. As such, the film is a drivel, and will be exploited, celebrated, probably will make records and do well business. But it will be forgotten. There is nothing I can suggest that is worth watching.