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description: Biographical film based on Edward Snowden
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Edward Snowden, the name has become eponymous with spying by the NSA and its subsequent revelations. The film, masterfully co-scripted and directed by Oliver Stone, stars Joseph Godron-Levitt as the titular character. The film follows the life of Snowden, from his discharge from the Army, to his rise in the NSA, and how and why he chose to do what he did.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is very good in his portrayal of Edward Snowden, and is reminiscent of his work in Looper, where he picked up on the mannerisms of Bruce Willis. In this film, he plays a nerdy cyber-hacker, who finds love through online dating, has a quench to do something tangible for his country, and is clearly very good at his job.

The film needs no introduction, this is as much as a staged documentary as it comes. Edward Snowden himself makes an appearance towards the end with a message for us all. The film failed to be popular (financially it fared poorly) though the assumption could be that people viewed this as a way of 'selling' the current hot-topic. Far from it, the film neatly outlines things that define the character without sensationalising the topic or the plight. I'll recommend this film simply due to it being good, and because it is better to watch the back-story when it isn't over as yet.