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Hile, visitor!

Although this site might seem clunky, unfinished, rough or even mediocre, it's all the made up of stuff I did. I've changed my blog from just-another-wordpress-site to something I can customize, and experiment with. And this is the first result, well, sort-of! I had planned a grand opening, with all sections finished and loads of new content. But looks like this is where I would have to begin. I'm too tired to not write, or update or post anything, and also too excited to stop working on other things on the website. For now, only the life experiments and a few presentations are yet to be added to the site, all my other posts are here. I'll now be updating and adding content, almost regularly, while working on the nitty-gritties of the site as well.


So here's what's coming up in the near future-


Well, see you soon!