Snow in Dublin

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A week of heavy snow in Dublin. Unusual.

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Ireland is usually known for its typical weather, and by typical, I mean that we know it's going to rain, or be windy, or have sunshine. And that's every few hours. So imagine the situation when a storm hits the coast, and there's snow everywhere. Snow enough to make 7 feet tall snowmans. Snow enough to drown cars in. Snow enough to shut down the country with an extreme weather warning. This was the state of days for the last few days.

The university was closed until Sunday 10am, which meant that I didn't, or rather couldn't, go to the lab. And there wasn't much to do outside, not unless I wanted to freeze to death or fall down and break some bones. And so I sat at home, mostly, watching movies (one movie, actually) and TV series (I finished Westworld, and two seasons of Northern Exposure). I also played a few hours of Don't Starve, and it was quite a humorous moment as one of the things to do is to prepare for winter in the game. Reality and video games converged on that particular point.