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description: an interactive short film that takes us into the intricacies of internet love
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There is no 'game' as such. Pretty much whatever you do, everything plays out linearly. So all the posts that mock the game for having a 'boring' or 'non-existent' gameplay are missing the main point - the game is about the character Cibele, her life and what she goes through. You're just a tourist on a tour. Your main point is to try and understand her. And this is by reading her blog posts, seeing her journal entries, her pics, what she says and communicates. The game is about internet love, and all the dark horrors that lurk just behind the shadows. It is about vulnerability, about fearing the worse. To be perfectly honest, towards the end I was in my mind conjuring up the worst things that could happen, I knew they wouldn't actually take place, but it still made me think, and wonder why this cliche story evoked those emotions. The game's purpose, it's 'art', is to make you think of that. It's just another medium that hides a short film underneath.