Never Alone

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series: Video Games

description: Based on an Iñupiaq story, enjoyable as a sweet adventure
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Never Alone, also known as Kisima Inŋitchuŋa, tells the story of an Iñupiaq (ethnic Alaskan natives) girl named Nuna, and her fox companion. The game allows controlling the two characters individually, and is a platform puzzler. The game is notable for combining a traditional cultural story into a video game layered with authentic artwork and narrated in the native tongue. There are several in-game videos that can be unlocked to know more about the cultural background of elements found throughout the game. Though the gameplay feels somewhat unpolished, the overall experience is that of an interactive story, and is rewarding as a co-op adventure. The entire array of narration, artwork, and design lends an amazing credibility to the story and feels authentic. It somewhat reminded me of Studio Ghibli in a very distant way. The puzzles are interesting, but not the focus of the story. Playing them is one way to enjoy the story rather than simply click to move forward. There is a DLC called Fox Tales, which follows another short adventure with the same characters, and is as enjoyable as the first.