Details of all my devices

As this is the first post, I must explain what exactly this is all about. Toolset snapshots is a series where I record all the tools I work with and try to document the reasons why I chose them. It is intended more to be a developer journal rather than a discussion of why or what I chose. If in the future, I start working on a tool, I intend to write more about it in another section. This one here, is more of a listing of what I work with.

I use the following three machines -

  • Dell XPS 13 (2017) - XNMPRO
  • Macbook Air 13 (2013) - XNMAIR
  • Custom PC (2017) - XNMRZN

Apart from these, I own -

  • OnePlus 3T smartphone - XNMOP3
  • iPad Air 2 - XNMIPA
  • Pebble smartwatch - XNMPBL

I have a tendency to name all of my devices with the prefix XNM. The reasons go back to a considerable number of years, quite possibly a decade, and revolve around my fascination with the number 86 and the element Xenon. I'll have to write another post with the reasons I went with it, if I can remember them.



  • operating system: Xubuntu (Ubuntu --> Debian)
  • window manager: i3
  • compositor: compton
  • file-manager: Thunar
  • terminal: xfce4-term
  • browser: firefox (primary), google chrome
  • screen-lock: xautolock
  • applets: xfce - network manager, power manager
  • editor: vim 8
  • shell: bash
  • backup software: borg
  • notes: zim
  • tmux (terminal multiplexer)
  • clipboard: clipit
  • launcher: dmenu
  • text-expander: texpander (custom script)
  • office suite: libre office
  • file sync: dropbox, google drive (insync)
  • music playback: spotify
  • games: steam


  • operating system: Windows 10 Pro
  • browser: firefox (primary), google chrome
  • music: spotify
  • file sync: dropbox, google drive


  • operating system: OxygenOS 4 (Android 7)
  • launcher: stock
  • camera: stock
  • music: spotify
  • messenger:
    • stock messages
    • whatsapp
    • facebook messenger
    • hangouts
  • dialer: stock
  • gallery: stock, google photos
  • email: inbox + gmail
  • notes: google keep
  • calendar: google calendar
  • browser: firefox (primary), google chrome


  • operating system: iOS 10
  • music: spotify
  • messenger:
    • facebook messenger
    • hangouts
  • photos: google photos
  • email: inbox + gmail
  • notes: google keep
  • calendar: stock
  • browser: google chrome