Tools for Semantic Web

A (WIP) list of tools and utilities for working with Semantic Web
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Triple Stores

Wikipedia page listing and comparing different triple-stores.

Tools, Utils, and Libraries

There are times when RDF and their ontological ilk may need to be in code, for various purposes, and need interoperability with a programming language.


This is the tool everyone and their supervisors use to model OWL ontologies. It is quite adept at handling, though the UI/UX may feel clunkk, the features are large and will be quite ample to get by with. The documentation and introduction videos/pages help with getting it up and running, but don't do a good job of explaining how to progress from there. But it's hand down the best tool for the job. There's even a (light) web version.

Exposing triples over the web



A tool to help create 'RDFa pages', often required in (good) publications, which uses Web Annotations Data Model to provide comments, reviews, and feedbacks over articles in self-hosted format.



LODE is a service that creates a HTML documentation page for an OWL ontology. It has reasoners, import+closure, and the ability to select a particular language from the ontology.


Widoco is a Java tool, available as a JAR file, that uses LODE internally to generate the documentation of the ontology. It provides several additional features such as embedding a WebVOWL representation in the page, providing ToC and Introduction/Overview sections, etc.