published: 2017-06-10 19:48:00, updated: 2017-06-10 20:11:23
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Details of all my devices

As this is the first post, I must explain what exactly this is all about. Toolset snapshots is a series where I record all the tools I work with and try to document the reasons why I chose them. It is intended more to be a developer journal rather than a discussion of why or what I chose. If in the future, I start working on a tool, I intend to write more about it in another section. This one here, is more of a listing of what I work with.

I use the following three machines -

Apart from these, I own -

I have a tendency to name all of my devices with the prefix XNM. The reasons go back to a considerable number of years, quite possibly a decade, and revolve around my fascination with the number 86 and the element Xenon. I'll have to write another post with the reasons I went with it, if I can remember them.