I've had a family history of knowing photography. Pretty much every uncle I have from my father's side has had something to do with photography. But the bug didn't really bite me until I had an infatuation with this one girl who was into photography. I didn't own a camera back then. It was a Sony K800i, a great phone, and I had managed to hack the camera module, putting some great work done by a Danish programmer to get DSLR-like functions on a camera phone. It was cool. I took some pretty interesting pictures. It was more about the composition than the camera and picture quality. But that was my first taste at photography. I discovered I had an appetite.

Over time, the hobby came and went. Then it came back in an quite interesting way. Family gifted me a Nikon D3200 and a 35mm lens. I was escalated. I snapped pictures like crazy.The hobby still came and went. I still snapped pictures. Then I started buying lenses on ebay. Got myself a nifty Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm. An old, vintage lens. Cheap, great pictures. Completely manual. I was in love with it. Managed to buy an old, plastic Canon, something I could use the Jena with. Then the spirit left me. I'm waiting for it to come back.