a scenic morning

a scenic morning

We call it the beginning
Even when it is not
It raises a smile to the lips
Finishes the night’s drought


The first ray of sunshine
A bright, golden yellow
The sun’s silent mime
Making us smile and mellow


The beauty it shows
Coming out from within the earth
The pearly dew glows
The birds chirping has no dearth


The golden yellow cover
Over the earth is sunshine
The night is now over
Awakening the nature chime


The clouds too sing along
Creating art in the sky
Our lips singing a song
We watch as passers-by


The birds leaving their nests
Flying away in search of food
There’s no soul that rests
But a fresh and joyous mood


The warmth of the sunshine
Lifts the fog settled in
The sun’s smiling mime
Tells us the day has begin


A smiling face looking at the sun
I hope you can have till the end
Isn’t this a wonderful time
To miss your friend?