birthday poem 2014

birthday poem 2014

with moist tears in my eyes

as I sit and start to write this

I invariably think of the past,

having fun, insanity, and bliss


what are birthdays about?

I ask myself again today;

celebrating age and life,

going towards a future way?


Its all those memories that count,

the fact that today you were born.

there’s no point in celebrating alone,

in which case I’d rather just mourn


what are birthdays really about?

gifts, cards and parties to boot?

Calling over everyone, to enjoy,

a chance to put on the best suit?


I always think of birthdays,

that bring people together.

a bunch that does love you,

and who are loved in return.


so this is not really about me

that my birthdays are all about

think, what would birthdays be

without those loving friends???