published: 2009-02-13 12:00:00, updated: 2016-03-20 13:27:01
poem; personal;
a feeling of exaltation

Tired after the journey on train
When i finally reach my station
That’s when i feel my body relax
I feel my exaltation

At home when i have my bath
And i have food which was craven
I feel my stomach say its prayer
I feel my exaltation

Before sleep when i pray
For the life, clothes and ration
I see the peaceful sleep ahead
I see my exaltation

In the morning
As i have my ablution
I see the start of a new day
I see my exaltation

As i go to work at office
The boss gives me a promotion
Everyone cheers me
I have my exaltation

I sit in my new sports car
And start the ignition
The thrill gets to me
Drowning me in exaltation

At the weekend we go out
To have a bit of relaxation
My soul is refreshed
And filled with exaltation

As i sit to type this out
I need no critical acclamation
But i hope there won’t be criticism
And that shall be true exaltation