my two best friends

my two best friends

Have you never wondered about this,
How i never wrote for you two?
Or you always stopped yourself,
Thinking it wasn’t worth the spew?


But trust me when i say,
You were my first subjects,
Whom i learned much from,
To realise my own defects.


Have you never even seen inside,
How much love i have for you?
When you searched for tears,
But could never find a few?


The times we lived together.
You always like to remember
Those memories are special,
To raise us from a slumber


Looking back, one thing haunts me,
I wish to say sorry to you both…
For all the trouble i’ve been to you,
In the maddness admist our growth.


Amidst friends, i know its stupid
To say this, but i already know,
Forgiveness has been given to me.
Unasked, like the december snow.


Don’t ever get mad about me,
Cause i never go out of my way.
That’s absolutely not true at all,
I’d rob the sun on a bright day.


My friend, i’d always be by your side,
Even if you cannot see me there.
Just carry on fighting your way out of it,
And we’ll meet mid-way in a flare.


If you loose me, or i loose you,
Lets promise we won’t cry,
Remember each other with a smile
Coz even angels deserve to die.


Dont mind an amateur’s poem
But see it came from the heart
From the time i met you both
My life had a beautifull start.