A Thesauri of Fundamental Rights defined in the EU Charter


This is an ongoing effort to provide Rights as provided for in EU law in the form of semantic concepts that can be referenced and used as data, for example to express impacts in risk assessment, or to identify what rights are applicable.

For now, it only provides a thesauri of rights from EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, based on modelling each article’s title as an independent concept, and structuring them all together within a SKOS hierarchical taxonomy.

overview of rights

Future Plans

  1. To provide a more thorough representation of concepts by breaking down existing ones into more granular forms, and including specific concepts from sub-clauses within the charter
  2. Providing relationships between concepts where possible, i.e. ontological modelling
  3. Collecting rights from other laws so as to provide a thesauri of all rights
  4. Enabling rights discovery and application relevance - see section below
  5. Provide ELI modelling or Akoma Ntoso modelling of concepts where the defining clauses are provided as linked data e.g. indicate a specific concept comes from Art.X-y-z of Law A of Location B
  6. Aligning or involving mapping to UN documents and concepts for a more universal take on rights

Enabling Rights Discovery

The hypothesis is that expressing a graph of rights as “concepts” with a “scope” and an use-case with the same concepts enables finding relevant rights by traversing paths that go from use-case to rights. For this, each right needs to be expressed as an ontological model with relevant concepts and a clear indication of what determines the scope of that right or affects involvement of that right.

For example, for Article 8 Protection of personal data in EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, the concepts relate to processing of personal data, its purpose, legal basis, and specific additional rights applied to collected data. To discover what rights are applicable, the relation scope is useful - so any context where processing of personal data takes place or has collected data will involve these 3 rights.

modelling of Article 8 in EU Charter of Fundamental Rights