LotR Acronyms

How can someone name a research project PALANTIR?
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
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There's an EU H2020 project starting soon called PALANTIR (Practical Autonomous Cyberhealth for resilient SMEs & Microenterprises) https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/883335. Of all the acronyms they could've chosen they went with PALANTIR - which is not only this powerful evil artefact in Lord of the Rings, but is also co-incidentally the name of a powerful evil company in this real world.

Maybe we should only use LotR names for project titles? I've come up with some likely proposals based on bullshit topics - but hey look they have cool titles!

  • Scheduling Automated Updates for Robust Online Networks (SAURON)
  • Augmented Reality Assisted Geographically Orthogonal Road Navigation (ARAGORN)
  • Fast Realisation of Difficult Origami (FRODO)
  • Graphical Investigation of Multi-Licensed Images (GIMLI)
  • Baseline Resolution of Multiple-incoming Requests (BOROMIR)
  • Geometric and Algorithmic Frequency Analysis (GANDALF)
  • Large-scale Study of Glucose Level Analysis (LEGOLAS)
  • Symmetric Algorithms for Multimedia (SAM)
  • Genetic Operation Limitations in Lactobaccilus Mutli-cultures (GOLLUM)
  • Scientific Arguments for Restricting Unorthodox Information Management (SARUMAN)
  • Bibliographic analysis of Books (BILBO)
  • Simple and Heuristic Implementation of Reverse-Entropic Algorithms (SHIRE)