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I'm Harshvardhan Pandit, a Ph.D. CompSci researcher at Trinity, Dublin; and I'm researching about how users can be better advised about their privacy on a contextual basis. You can read more about me talking about me here.


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work in progress
Personal, Context-aware Service for Privacy Adviser
Ph.D in Computer Science, ADAPT, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Privacy reasoning for semantic complex event processing for the Open Web Platform
Contextual Data Model for Smartphone Applications
MSc. in Computer Science by Research, University College Dublin, Ireland
A contextual middleware for apps to store and use context to create Siri and Google Now like smart features
KWEST - A Semantically Tagged Virtual Filesystem
Bachelor of Engg. in Computers, Pune University, India
Use apriori for grouping related files into music playlists or work folders

creative writing

humor, rants, reactions, informatives
my thoughts and reactions
rustic runes to rhyming tunes
exploring the narrative of parables and the human element


being renovated

life experiments are all things I do or try out, for fun, or to lead a better life


work in progress

I'm pretty sure I have loads more hobbies. I keep finding new interesting things to do every now and then.


work in progress

R&D ideas

where I store all ideas that sometimes become concrete projects, but mostly are experiments.


work in progress

development blog, project, ideas, and documentation



a way to track expenses and see what's eating all my money


has private sections

just an online journal, has public and private sections


work in progress

interactions with the site and additional functionality

how can I help you?

I am a jack of all trades, and the master of none; If you need help with something in an area that I'd have/had/will have an interest in, just contact me. I'm always glad to help or just discuss pretty much anything.