Harshvardhan Pandit

I write stories, compose poems, read books, watch movies, program and code, research, and just live. You can read more about me talking about me here.

For a vanar to copulate with a female against her wishes went against the very grain of vanar dharma. It was ever the female who chose her mate, never the other way around. Rape of a female was one of the worst crimes against dharma a vanar could perpetuate.

-Prince In Exile


GDPR, Provenance Lifecycles, & Semantic Web
GDPR is going to change things up, and compliance is going to be a major change. Maintaining provenance records to demonstrate compliance using semantic web ontologies is something I'm researching about.

how can I help you?

I am a jack of all trades, and the master of none; If you need help with something in an area that I'd have/had/will have an interest in, just contact me. I'm always glad to help or just discuss pretty much anything.