about me I'm a Research Assistant at Trinity College Dublin and live in Dublin, Ireland working in the areas of GDPR compliance, semantic web, and privacy. This website is a motly collection of my blog posts, research activities, and hobbies.

LotR Acronyms
How can someone name a research project PALANTIR? - Blog
Somehow, I've done a PhD
Through a combination of many events, I've finished the PhD, something that i've always wanted to do - Blog
random #200611
fleeting thoughts - Poems
Questions about Self-Publishing
Questions I have investigating if self-publishing is a good and sustainable model - Research Blog
A broken vase and a cracked friendship - can we ever truly repair them? - Stories
Sayonara Wild Hearts
A visually stunning narrative fused with pop songs and rhythm - Blog
The distance between me and you
Momentary thoughts on the connectivity in self-isolation - Poems
Mini Motorways
A game simulation of traffic in a city with a lot of potential - Blog
Living on the Edge
Momentary thoughts on the delicate balance of life - Poems
What Every Postdoc Needs to Know - book notes
The book presents guidance on the postdoc life - Research Blog
The Checklist Manifesto - book notes
book notes for The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande - Blog
Student Project Ideas
Ideas for student to implement as projects - Research Blog
Invisible Women
book notes for Invisible Women - Blog
SEMANTiCS 2019 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany - Research Blog
Moving from AWS EC2 to Lightsail
A short post describing moving the website to Lightsail - dev
random #190601
listening to my inner self - Poems
Goodbye, Claire
saying goodbye - Poems
A short poem remembering Shay - Poems
Are the EU's Ethics Guidelines too generic?
The ethics guidelines are generic enough to be applied to anything - Blog
How open should reviews be in CompSci?
A short collection of different review styles and their pros and cons - Research Blog
Why I won't eat the chemically toxic meat in India
The rampant use of anti-biotics has resulted in chickens being pumped full of toxic chemicals - Blog
Year in Review - 2018
A summary of what happened in 2018 - Blog
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***
Book notes, thoughts, and reactions - Blog
How to speak so that people want to listen
Gist of a very handy TED talk for speaking - Research Blog
Fiasco is a hard science masterpiece by Stanislaw Lem - Blog
a lot of cuts - Poems
An introspection on Chatbots, AI & The Future of Privacy
Some thoughts as I read the article on the SEED platform shared on Twitter - Blog
dripping sky
a whimsy cluster of words for the dublin rains - Poems
Sofia, Bulgaria - a quiet place to rest and explore - Blog
My visit to London to see the British Museum and taste amazing food - Blog
Provenance Week 2018
Provenance Week is a series of workshops centered around Provenance - Blog
Being in Crete and Athens in Greece - Blog
ESWC 2018
ESWC 2018 conference in Heraklion, Crete, Greece - Blog
white hair
the sighthing of a single white hair induces old-ness - Blog
A short guide to structuring academic presentations
based on a message I sent to a friend - Research Blog
reading without guilt (buy old books!)
I found Amazon sold used books and ordered a few; the joy of reading paperbooks without the guilt! - Blog
a random blurb about my birthday - Blog
Appointment notifications using Telegram app
A how-to for signing up to receive appointment notifications for GNIB and VISA appointments - dev
Setting up notifications via Telegram
Automating notification of new appointments through the Telegram app - dev
Analysing GNIB appointment app survey responses
Gathering requirements and making decisions based on the survey of 59 participants - dev
ISWC 2017
The top conference in my domain that took place in Vienna - Blog
An hour away from Vienna, this city is great for a day's walking tour - Blog
A wonderful city with great culture and food. - Blog
Workaholic - don't be working full time
Working without indulging the other things I want to do is being an workaholic - Blog
undercurrents of a soul
the cold city and its dark shadows - Stories
mother! is a masterpiece based on allegorical depiction of mother earth set in a biblical setting with Him - Blog
random #2017081701
random musings - Poems
Documenting ontologies using Widoco
Widoco is a nifty utility to document OWL2 vocabularies - dev
Setting up Pubby
Using pubby to expose resources in a dataset - dev
Setting up Openlink Virtuoso
Setting up Virtuoso as a triple-store and serving with Nginx - dev
Setting up Fuseki
Getting Apache Fuseki up and running with minimal configuration - dev
RDF/OWL content-negotiation using NGINX
Performing content-negotiation for RDF and OWL types with Nginx - dev
Tools for Semantic Web
A (WIP) list of tools and utilities for working with Semantic Web - dev
Primer on Semantic Web Ontologies
A short description for RDF,RDFS, and OWL and their serialisation formats - dev
Two surprisingly productive weeks
After spending two productive weeks, I sat down to think why I could get things done - Blog
Notification when printing *actually* completes
a script to notify when the printer actually finishes the printing job - dev
BOI Mobile - nothing fishy; needs better documentation
A mobile banking app that is under-documented, but not suspicious - Research Blog
Whatsapp - sensibly private; but tainted by Facebook
Whatsapp holds up a reputation of being simple and sensible; the presence of Facebook makes it hard to swallo - Research Blog
iOS 11 location-aware blue notification bar
iOS solidifies its privacy with location-aware notification bar - Research Blog
Privacy Guard
An app study using Privacy Guard on Android - Research Blog
The Stanley Parable
One of the most bizzare and charming video games out there, An experience not to be missed - Blog
nested for loops
resolve nested for loops by preventing repeated iterations - dev
One of the finest games, a work of art, a philosophical essay - Blog
Lord of the Rings marathon
LotR extended edition marathon at the local cinema; EPIC - Blog
Wonder Woman
A film full of cliche; though confusingly popular and critically acclaimed - Blog
My new custom built gaming PC
Here's my shiny new gaming PC, totally custom built, and totally AWESOME - Blog
Just a minor setback
The ordeal of waiting for my gaming PC and finding it doesn't work - Blog
Doom (2016) is a reboot / continuation of the iconic Doom game - Blog
Inheriting klip
Inheriting the klip project, cleaning it up, and documenting it - dev
previous project - kindle annotations
The previous project of parsing kindle annotations - dev
Setting up a Facebook bot to respond with available GNIB/VISA appointments
Facebook bot that responds to messages with appointments - dev
Chrome extension for loading/saving form data
Using a chrome extension to automatically populate GNIB forms - dev
Retrieving Visa appointments
Retrieving visa appointments similar to GNIB appointments - dev
Heroku app to view GNIB appointments
Using a free heroku app to easily view GNIB appointments - dev
Getting appointments using python
Retrieving GNIB appointments using python - dev
Getting appointments using bash
Retrieving GNIB appointments using a bash scripr - dev
Reverse engineering an easy way to check GNIB appointments
Using reverse engineering to easily pull appointments from the GNIB website - dev
Full Stack Website Guide
An overview of everything that goes into making a full stack website - dev
Just look right
To be free of it, just look right - Stories
I'm a Ghost in the Shell fan, and I do not give my consent to this
The hollywood film manages to turn something awesome and iconic into blithering garbage that still looks stunning - Blog
Just musing - Poems
Birthdays in an adult world
This birthday, I realised that being an adult changes a lot of things - Blog
Dead men do tell tales
The bodies this time are not under the floor - Stories
Only a kiss
A strange night - Poems
Revenge is a mindless beast
The quest of a man and his revenge - Stories
A little girl and her fascination with fireflies - Stories
9 Nov'16 - a wake up call to all
Why the day is a wake up all, especially after Brexit. A rant. - Blog
When burning bridges heal
A heartfelt poem about walking past once burnt pathways - Poems
Canon 350d
Bought an used canon 350d from the web on the cheap! - Blog
Song of the blue jay
Just a simple tune I whipped up - Poems
My sticky notes won't stick
One tiny thing is all it takes to just explode - Poems
The Godman
A man claims he can talk to god. What does the news say? - Stories
My Macbook Air (2013) games better than my old Dell Studio 1556
To my surprise, I found that my Macbook Air had better graphics than the old Dell laptop. Such shock! - Blog
Broken Mirrors
In a world of perfect mirrors, broken mirrors are condemned to sadness and solitude - Stories
Why I'm Single
when people keep asking me why I'm single - Poems
Wonderful Friendship
How wonderful friendships are - Poems
too many things happening around us - Poems
the limelight of a (new) life - Poems
Mediocre but not bad
Batman v Superman wasn't that bad, it just wasn't good - Blog
random #16032501
was thinking what would I think if in addiction - Poems
Somehow, I'm doing a PhD
Through a combination of many events, I've landed into doing a PhD, something that i've always wanted to do - Blog
random #16031201
just a random poem about life - Poems
Wings and Wisdom
A tale of a flight and life - Poems
Of nails and hearts
The pain and agony of having failed a dream - Poems
Forbidden Fruit
A take on the biblical story of Eden - Poems
In my dreams
something about dreams - Poems
Gratification can lead to Stagnation
Gratification can lead to Stagnation - Blog
The Magic Ring
adventures of a magic ring - Stories
GTD with Wunderlist
Getting things done with Wunderlist - Blog
Purple Dilation
a mysterious affliction, labs, and purple eyes - Stories
A mystical journey to the blue peaks - Stories
an unknown nostalgia
leaving home to go away - Poems
checking if time difference between stations are the same
checking if the time differences between each train run and station is the same - dev
handling special cases
handling some of the special cases in the train schedule - dev
populating train schedule
Populating the train schedule and directions - dev
designing data models for trains, timings, and station
A model for updating train timetables - dev
give & take lists
comparing movies with friends - dev
Where do I draw a line?
Where people share what amounts to child porn in WhatsApp groups - Blog
imdbnator - like this, but classier
Found a website that already does something similar to HDD-indexer - dev
The pitfalls of discovering the unoriginality of your work
The pitfalls of discovering the unoriginality of your work - Blog
Facebook patent describes how you may be refused a loan based on who you're friends with
Facebook's forage into finance is a disaster for privacy - Blog
Dear Facebook, where's my freedom of choice?
Dear Facebook, where's my freedom of choice? - Blog
HDD-indexer v0.1
First implementation - dev
Choosing the right framework
choosing the right framework for implementation - dev
an inversion of pairs - Stories
The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower - Blog
by the moonlight
a proposal in the moonlight - Poems
got some mushrooms at the farmer's market - Poems
bedtime - Poems
- Poems
- Stories
first flight
flying paper planes - Poems
The Teapot
A little girl plays with her teapot - Stories
dust and destiny
an adventure in the desert - Stories
The Birthday Boy
Experience on the birthday - Poems
A Lasting Legacy
A Lasting Legacy - Blog
random #15030701
random 20150307a - Poems
monotony - Poems
the birth of a star - Stories
Mindfuck Movies
Mindfuck Movies - Blog
finding monsters under the bed
finding monsters under the bed - Stories
apple sauce in cranberry juice
A humorous thriller about food - Stories
a strange plant, and the will - Stories
Irish weather
the sheer volatility of weather in Ireland - Poems
Whatsapp Web is retarded
Instead of providing web messaging, WhatsApp Web relies on the phone - Blog
The shallow creek
random thoughts in monsoons - Poems
The Google Interview - A dream halfway through
Going through the Google interview process - Blog
kisses anonymous
a mysterious night - Poems
criticise me, please!
criticise me, please! - Blog
Submitting my thesis - at the end of one journey and the beginning of another
Submitting my thesis - at the end of one journey and the beginning of another - Blog
little birdy learns to fly
taking the plunge, a bird leans to fly - Stories
The Traveller
An adventure atop a mystical mountain - Stories
a short one about the sun - Poems
a small tiny little miscalculation - Stories
a short but touching tale - Stories
pech - Stories
the thumping sound
a mystery of a sound - Stories
How companies promise white lies
The misadventures of advertising - Blog
Just tell them they are wrong
Just tell them they are wrong - Blog
10 signs you were born to make it big
10 signs you were born to make it big - Blog
The Umbrella
The Umbrella - Stories
aliens? hospitals? who's sane? who's insane? - Stories
Fear is a choice
Fear is a choice - Blog
Box of happiness
Box of happiness - Stories
the ritual of seven rounds around a pyre - Stories
Completing Super Hexagon
Completing Super Hexagon - Blog
Being passionate is sexy
Being passionate is sexy - Blog
101 Thought Provoking Questions
101 Thought Provoking Questions on life - Blog
Chrysanthemum - II
sadness and longing, and chrysanthemums - Stories
a tale of mystery and chrysanthemums - Stories
do cup chai
a warm encounter over two cups of tea - Stories
Lost Treasures
a myth surrounding great treasures - Stories
birthday poem 2014
something about my birthday - Poems
I want to fly
a wish to fly - Poems
how we came to be
a history of existense - Stories
Handicapped - Blog
Why I'm glad I learnt the basics
Why I'm glad I learnt the basics - Blog
Behind the veil
Behind the veil - Stories
The Plight of languages in India
The Plight of languages in India - Blog
carrying roses
love and kindness go together - Stories
My experiences at Startup Weekend Dublin
My experiences at Startup Weekend Dublin - Blog
Aims in Life
Aims in Life - Blog
Repetition in News Aggregator
service that organises news from different sources by topic - dev
The Feeling
The Feeling - Blog
The irrational sensationalism sold by news media - Blog
Smile - Blog
The Moon Plan
Why I'm convinced we're going to the Moon! - Blog
Where do write-ups originate?
Where do write-ups originate? - Blog
What Indian TV soaps taught me
What Indian TV soaps taught me - Blog
Roads and Rains
the literal pitfalls of rains - Blog
How to make a killer ad
How to make a killer ad - Blog
Relationship Development Life Cycle (RDLC)
how to develop a relationship based on software engineering principles - Blog
Adventure at the mall
Adventure at the mall - Blog
Letter by a Computer Engineer
Letter by a Computer Engineer - Blog
a slow attraction
a slow attraction - Poems
a lark in the storm
a lark in the storm - Poems
an experiment in quads
an experiment in quads - Poems
the mask over the heart
an emotional outburst - Poems
Look into your mind
introspecting inner thoughts - Poems
About my trip to Dingle - Poems
a resolve to keep moving ahead - Poems
good morning - dawn
describing the dawn - Poems
human life introspection
instrospecting some cultural assumptions - Poems
Happy Day
a nice day outside sets the mood right - Poems
on and off things - Poems
A traveler
A traveler - Poems
you are my superhero
a thankful epitaph for a friend - Poems
beautiful hair
When I found mesmerising hair - Poems
burn them down
getting rid of unwanted thoughts - Poems
destiny will decide the end
destiny and the path ahead - Poems
newfound zeal
moving ahead with motivation - Poems
don't want to leave
when you're happy and don't want to go - Poems
mind after work
coming home after work - Poems
lucky internet
random musings about internet - Poems
lived my life
a fleeting thought about death - Poems
you besides me
a short poem describing recent events - Poems
on an impulse
on an impulse - Poems
sick of the valentine ceremonies everywhere - Poems
the coming of the rain - Poems
Pyrex is a strong glass - Poems
The watch that never showed time
A story about a special watch - Poems
can I ask you something?
a million questions for a friend - Poems
A dating experience - Poems
a child watching the onset of thunder - Poems
su's birthday poem
a birthday gift for Su - Poems
The story of fire and water - Aquapyre - Poems
The girl at midnight
meeting someone surprising - Poems
unknown X
the unknown in life - Poems
why did you do this?
acrostic poem about recent events - Poems
Based on the song by Three Doors Down - Poems
a friend who went away
a friend who went away - Poems
The Red Dame
A story I wrote in-flight - Poems
paper boat
floating paper boats in the rain - Poems
a reply to a poem
a reply to a poem - Poems
a scenic morning
a scenic morning - Poems
Pretended Friend
Thoughts about prentese in friendship - Poems
friendship day poem
friendship day poem - Poems
my two best friends
about my two dearest friends - Poems
turmoil of things
musings about life and things - Poems
zany zeal
channeling all the excitement - Poems
A take on how politics is adding 1+1 to get 11 - Poems
a lonely heart
a lonely heart - Poems
a lucky friend
a lucky friend - Poems
a tear
a tear - Poems
betrayal - Poems
- Poems
telling that I like someone - Poems
deep dark night
mounting will against the night - Poems
education system
a rant on the education system - Poems
a feeling of exaltation - Poems
a random poem about a girl - Poems
good morning
a poem wishing good morning - Poems
good night
wishing good night - Poems
hate me
an emotional outburst - Poems
an emotional outburst - Poems
how are you?
a poem in a message - Poems
life's turn
a synapsis of life - Poems
my life is at stake
a reaction to events - Poems
anout regrets in things - Poems
sick of things
annoyed at the little things - Poems
fleeting thoughts - Poems
somewhere far away
romantic musings - Poems
time has stung me
an emotional outburst - Poems
time is for eternity
an emotional outburst - Poems
an emotional outburst - Poems
waiting for her
waiting for someone - Poems
About a girl
describing a personal story - Poems