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  1. Pizza in Dublin
    blog Pizza places in Dublin - a culinary investigation
  2. Old Website Update Ideas
    dev Transcribing old notes regarding developing features for
  3. Return of the Obra Dinn
    blog An intricate whodunnit rendered creatively in 1-bit graphics
  4. Student Project Ideas
    research blog Ideas for student to implement as projects
  5. Using Patterns to Manage Governance of Solid Apps
    Full Paper A policy language to describe the entities, infrastructure, legal roles, policies, notices, and records to understand and establish responsibilities and accountability within the Solid ecosystem
  6. Semantics for Implementing Data Reuse and Altruism under EU's Data Governance Act
    Full Paper This work investigates how to apply existing Semantic Web vocabularies to (1) generate machine-readable policies for the reuse of public data, (2) specify data altruism consent terms and (3) create uniform registers of data altruism organisations and intermediation services’ providers
  7. W3C IRC meeting logs guide
    dev short guide for using W3C irc to create meeting logs
  8. Outer Wilds
    blog One of the best sci-fi video games and stories, this game is a must play to experience a different universe
  9. To Be High-Risk, or Not To Be—Semantic Specifications and Implications of the AI Act’s High-Risk AI Applications and Harmonised Standards
    Full Paper This article analyses the core concepts in EU Act's high-risk categorisation, and presents an open vocabulary to model AI risk. It also explores the implications of standardisation activities in connection with AI Act.
  10. Relevant Research Questions For Decentralised (Personal) Data Governance
    Extended Abstract This article outlines several relevant questions from legal, privacy and technology standpoints that need to be considered regarding lawful decentralised data processing.
  11. Comparison and Analysis of 3 Key AI Documents: EU's Proposed AI Act, Assessment List for Trustworthy AI (ALTAI), and ISO/IEC 42001 AI Management System
    Full Paper An analysis of the three key documents related to regulating AI and identifying how to represent the identified analysis in the form of linked data
  12. How could the upcoming ePrivacy Regulation recognise enforceable privacy signals in the EU?
    Draft PaperFull Paper In this paper we discuss requirements that privacy signals must satisfy to be enforceable under the ePrivacy Regulation and enable its real-world application.
  13. Making Sense of Solid for Data Governance and GDPR
    Full Paper This article explores Solid as a new technology, and provides a framework to describe its implementations and use-cases using cloud-technology terminology. It also explores GDPR's application and identifies existing issues and solutions that also apply to Solid.
  14. The Joys of Using New Things in Routine Chores
    blog Why do we feel good when using new things in mundane chores?
  15. Making Sense of Solid for Data Governance and GDPR
    Draft PaperFull Paper This article explores Solid as a new technology, and provides a framework to describe its implementations and use-cases using cloud-technology terminology. It also explores GDPR's application and identifies existing issues and solutions that also apply to Solid.
  16. Notes on reuse of EU Vocabularies for DPV
    dev Notes on reusing EU Vocabularies for/with DPV (legal) concepts
    is about: Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV)
  17. We need to talk about AI: the case for citizens’ think-ins for citizen-researcher dialogue and deliberation
    Report Analysis of the various discussions that took place within the Citizens’ Think-Ins series 2020-2021
  18. COnSeNT 2022: 2nd International Workshop on Consent Management in Online Services, Networks and Things
    Extended Abstract Organisers abstract and introduction for the COnSeNT 2022 workshop
  19. Proposals for Resolving Consenting Issues with Signals and User-side Dialogues
    Draft PaperFull Paper Consent dialogues are a source of annoyance, malicious intent, dark patterns, illegal practices and a plethora of other issues. This work presents known problems based on GDPR requirements grouped into two categories: (i) UI/UX for consenting; and (ii) power imbalance in expressing consent. To resolve this, it presents two proposals: First, the use of automation through privacy signals to better govern consenting processes and to reduce ‘consent-fatigue’. Second, as generation of consent dialogues on the user side and its practicalities for both websites as well as users and agents (e.g. web browsers). Both proposals are discussed in terms of possibilities for implementation and suitability for stakeholders. The article concludes with a discussion on the difficulties in achieving such solutions owing to the conflicts of interest between ‘web-enablers’ and ‘web-consumers’, and the necessity for the EU to take a direct stance in addressing these in their future laws.
  20. Add ISO standards to tech-org measures
    dev Proposal for linking Standards to DPV concepts and using them as TOMs
    is about: Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV)
  21. Proposal for updating Consent concepts
    dev Fixing issues, and enabling specific concepts in different jurisdictions
    is about: Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV)
  22. AIRO: an Ontology for Representing AI Risks based on the Proposed EU AI Act and ISO Risk Management Standards
    Full Paper AI Risk Ontology (AIRO) for expressing information associated with high-risk AI systems based on the requirements of the proposed AI Act and ISO 31000 series of standards
  23. A Semantic Specification for Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
    Full Paper Expressing GDPR's Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) as semantic information by extending DPV
  24. Data Protection and Consenting Communication Mechanisms: Current Open Proposals and Challenges
    Full Paper An analysis of ADPC and GPC communication mechanisms using interdisciplinary factors
  25. Using the ODRL Profile for Access Control for Solid Pod Resource Governance
    Short Paper This demo shows an ODRL editor where RDF policies can be defined and enforced to grant access to personal data stored in Solid Pods.
  26. DPCat: Specification for an Interoperable and Machine-Readable Data Processing Catalogue Based on GDPR
    Full Paper Analysing all DPA ROPA templates and guidelines to create a DCAT and DCAT-AP based ROPA catalogue specification
  27. Consent Receipts for a Usable And Auditable Web of Personal Data
    Full Paper Providing requirements, uses, and benefits offered by Consent Receipts along with proof-of-concepts for common scenarios
  28. if jesus was a woman...
    poems wondering the implications of a women leading our faiths
  29. DPV as a SKOS vocabulary: Analysis Part 2
    dev Refining DPV's expression in OWL and SKOS using ConceptScheme
    is about: Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV)
  30. DPV as a SKOS vocabulary: Analysis
    dev Analysing options for expressing DPV as a SKOS vocabulary
    is about: Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV)
  31. Journey
    blog A wonderful game that parallels the journey of life
  32. pdf2slideshow: Convert your PDFs to HTML Slideshows
    dev Creating a nifty script to convert PDF into HTML slideshow
  33. Gris
    blog A beatiful game that became the artistic expression of an inner journey
  34. Accessing IEEE 7000 standard is hostile to User
    dev Frustrating and annoying experience in trying to read a free standards document
  35. DPV v1 Checklist
    dev Items and their progress towards the first stable release of DPV
  36. God of Awakening
    stories What God watches over you as you sleep, and brings you back to this-world, waking you up?
  37. Forgotten Stories
    stories things we used to know ; then forgot to pay attention to
  38. COnSeNT 2021
    research blog Post detailing organising a workshop
    is about: Consent Workshop 2021
  39. ODRL Profile for Expressing Consent through Granular Access Control Policies in Solid
    Full Paper This paper proposes an extension of Solid's ACL language and algorithm to implement consent and data requests by using ODRL and DPV to declare policies.
  40. dpv-x 2021-08-15
    dev Some ideas for extending and improving DPV and documentation
  41. RDF Website Generator
    dev How gets generated from RDF metadata
  42. Unshackled from being enslaved at work
    blog The perils and pitfalls of making work your self-identity.
  43. Building a Data Processing Activities Catalog: Representing Heterogeneous Compliance-related Information for GDPR using DCAT-AP and DPV
    Full Paper A new semantic metadata-based approach to describing and integrating diverse data processing activity descriptions gathered from heterogeneous organisational sources such as departments, divisions, and external processors
  44. Consent Through the Lens of Semantics: State of the Art Survey and Best Practices
    Full Paper A literature survey of existing solutions that use semantic technology for implementing consent
  45. Role of Identity, Identification, and Receipts for Consent
    Full Paper Discussing how identity and identification for consent lead to receipts as an elegant solution; and introduces the PaE:CG project
  46. [How] Do Users Benefit From Giving Consent?
    Extended Abstract Proposal for research investigating what benefits, if any, do consumers get when consenting
  47. An Argument for Generating SHACL Shapes from ODPs
    Book Chapter Discusses the merits of creating SHACL shapes as constraints for validation from Ontological Design Patterns
  48. A Design Pattern Describing Use of Personal Data in Privacy Policies
    Book Chapter Outlines an ontology design pattern for representing information associated with personal data in the context of a privacy policy
  49. Crowd-sourcing Multi-Domain Issues in Consent Dialogues for Automated Generation of Legal Complaints
    Extended Abstract Proposal for reporting issues across domains and linking them for legal complaints
  50. An Ontology for Standardising Trustworthy AI
    Book Chapter Presents a simple ontology that can be used for checking the consistency and overlap of concepts from different standards, regulations and policies for Trustworthy AI.
  51. who are you anymore?
    poems a look at oneself after a long time
  52. Web-Browsers and Web-Communities Should Do More For Consent
    research blog I explore what web-browser vendors and web-communities can do to make consent practices better online.
  53. Comparison of notice requirements for consent between ISO/IEC 29184:2020 and GDPR
    Full Paper Comparing the requirements for applicability of ISO/IEC 29184 towards GDPR compliance
  54. Standardization and the Governance of Artificial Intelligence Standards
    Book Chapter A glossary entry for existing state regarding AI and its standardisation activities
  55. atlas
    poems story of a warrior princess in battle with herself
  56. GPC + GDPR: will it work?
    research blog Global Privacy Controls (GPC) represents a signal to opt out of data sharing. Will it work with GDPR?
  57. lost in myself
    poems sometimes it feels as if I'm not myself
  58. A Common Semantic Model of the GDPR Register of Processing Activities
    Short Paper Creating a common semantic model of ROPA based on analyses of ROPA templates by EU DPAs
  59. The RISKY Project
    research blogRisky Exploring privacy risks of technologies using knowledge graphs
    is about: Risky
  60. Semantic Schema Mapping for Interoperable Data-Exchange
    Full Paper Facilitating import/export of data between services based on GDPR's Right to Data Portability by using semantics to align different schemas
  61. LotR Acronyms
    blog How can someone name a research project PALANTIR?
  62. Somehow, I've done a PhD
    blog Through a combination of many events, I've finished the PhD, something that i've always wanted to do
  63. random #200611
    poems fleeting thoughts
  64. Questions about Self-Publishing
    research blog Questions I have investigating if self-publishing is a good and sustainable model
  65. Representing Activities associated with Processing of Personal Data and Consent using Semantic Web for GDPR Compliance
    Thesis PhD research showing use of semantic web in representing activities and consent for GDPR
  66. Kintsugi
    stories A broken vase and a cracked friendship - can we ever truly repair them?
  67. Sayonara Wild Hearts
    blog A visually stunning narrative fused with pop songs and rhythm
  68. "Just-in-Time" Generation of Datasets by Considering Structured Representations of Given Consent for GDPR Compliance
    Full Paper Creating datasets 'just-in-time' as needed based on consent for complying with GDPR
  69. The distance between me and you
    poems Momentary thoughts on the connectivity in self-isolation
  70. Mini Motorways
    blog A game simulation of traffic in a city with a lot of potential
  71. Living on the Edge
    poems Momentary thoughts on the delicate balance of life
  72. What Every Postdoc Needs to Know - book notes
    research blog The book presents guidance on the postdoc life
  73. The Checklist Manifesto - book notes
    blog book notes for The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande
  74. Standardisation, Data Interoperability, and GDPR
    Book Chapter Describes how the GDPR specifies interoperability requirements for information and stakeholders and how the semantic web can be useful
  75. Test-driven Approach Towards GDPR Compliance
    Full Paper Developing a test-driven approach using GDPR ontologies and SHACL to ensure information and processes are compliant with GDPR
  76. Creating A Vocabulary for Data Privacy
    Full Paper Describes the creation of the DPV under the DPVCG
  77. Towards Cataloguing Potential Derivations of Personal Data
    Short Paper Creating a catalogue of data derivations or inferences in literature and building a semantic-web rule-based system for identifying potential derivations
  78. Explaining Disclosure Decisions Over Personal Data
    Short Paper Representing and explaining disclosure of personal data using semantic web
  79. OPN: Open Notice Receipt Schema
    Short Paper Creating a schema for representing online notices
  80. Invisible Women
    blog book notes for Invisible Women
  81. SEMANTiCS 2019
    research blog SEMANTiCS 2019 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany
    is about: SEMANTiCS 2019 Conference
  82. Moving from AWS EC2 to Lightsail
    dev A short post describing moving the website to Lightsail
  83. random #190601
    poems listening to my inner self
  84. Goodbye, Claire
    poems saying goodbye
  85. Séamus
    poems A short poem remembering Shay
  86. GConsent - A Consent Ontology based on the GDPR
    Full Paper An ontology modeling aspects of consent based on GDPR
  87. Are the EU's Ethics Guidelines too generic?
    blog The ethics guidelines are generic enough to be applied to anything
  88. How open should reviews be in CompSci?
    research blog A short collection of different review styles and their pros and cons
  89. Towards Generating Policy-compliant Datasets
    Full Paper Creating datasets that are inherently compliant with consent under GDPR
  90. Towards Knowledge-based Systems for GDPR Compliance
    Full Paper Discussing creation of knowledge-based systems for compliance and information management regarding GDPR
  91. Why I won't eat the chemically toxic meat in India
    blog The rampant use of anti-biotics has resulted in chickens being pumped full of toxic chemicals
  92. Year in Review - 2018
    blog A summary of what happened in 2018
  93. An Exploration of Data Interoperability for GDPR
    Full Paper Providing the use of semantic web standards within a stakeholder and data intoperability based model of requirements derived from GDPR
  94. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***
    blog Book notes, thoughts, and reactions
  95. Queryable Provenance Metadata For GDPR Compliance
    Short Paper Using GDPRtEXt and GDPRov ontologies to turn GDPR readiness spreadsheets into queryable data.
  96. Investigating Conditional Data Value Under GDPR
    Short Paper Discussing the impact of GDPR's consent on the value of data and how this can be used to better utilise available data
  97. Extracting Provenance Metadata from Privacy Policies
    Short Paper Discussing how information about data provenance can be extracted from privacy policies and modelled in semantic web
  98. Exploring GDPR Compliance Over Provenance Graphs Using SHACL
    Short Paper Proposing an architecture and method for documenting and evaluating GDPR compliance through use of a knowledge-graph with provenance and SHACL
  99. An Ontology Design Pattern for Describing Personal Data in Privacy Policies
    Full Paper Provides an ODP for representing information about personal data within privacy policies
  100. Using Ontology Design Patterns to Define SHACL Shapes
    Short Paper Proposing the use of ODPs to automatically define SHACL shapes for use in data validation and documentation
  101. Personalised Privacy Policies
    Full Paper How privacy policies can be personalised to the individual for more relevance and transparency.
  102. Towards an Open Data Vocabulary for Canvas Driven Innovation Ethics
    Full Paper Associating ethical concerns with business processes using semantic web
  103. Discussing Ethical Impacts in Research and Innovation: The Ethics Canvas
    Full Paper Presents the Ethics Canvas as a methdology and tool for discussion of ethics within the existing processes and stakeholders of research and innovation
  104. How to speak so that people want to listen
    research blog Gist of a very handy TED talk for speaking
  105. Fiasco
    blog Fiasco is a hard science masterpiece by Stanislaw Lem
  106. band-aids
    poems a lot of cuts
  107. An introspection on Chatbots, AI & The Future of Privacy
    blog Some thoughts as I read the article on the SEED platform shared on Twitter
  108. Exploring Linked Data For The Automatic Enrichment of Historical Archives (extended version)
    Full Paper Extension of the publication on use and benefits of semantic web in handling data from historical archives
  109. dripping sky
    poems a whimsy cluster of words for the dublin rains
  110. Sofia
    blog Sofia, Bulgaria - a quiet place to rest and explore
  111. London
    blog My visit to London to see the British Museum and taste amazing food
  112. Provenance Week 2018
    blog Provenance Week is a series of workshops centered around Provenance
  113. GDPR Data Interoperability Model
    Full Paper Discussing interoperability requirements of data and processes and the advantages of semantic-web based on a stakeholder model of GDPR
  114. GDPR-driven Change Detection in Consent and Activity Metadata
    Short Paper Proposing change-detection in processes to assess impact and compliance with GDPR
  115. Greece
    blog Being in Crete and Athens in Greece
  116. ESWC 2018
    blog ESWC 2018 conference in Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  117. GDPRtEXT - GDPR as a Linked Data Resource
    Full Paper GDPRtEXT provides a linked data version of the GDPR text, a taxonomy of concepts, and extends the ELI model used by EU Publications Office
  118. Exploring Linked Data For The Automatic Enrichment of Historical Archives
    Full Paper Discusses the various issues in automated handling of data in historical archives and the advantages of semantic web in resolving relationships
  119. white hair
    blog the sighthing of a single white hair induces old-ness
  120. A short guide to structuring academic presentations
    research blog based on a message I sent to a friend
  121. Ease and Ethics of User Profiling in Black Mirror
    Full Paper Discussing how the real-world is already a reflection of the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive'
  122. reading without guilt (buy old books!)
    blog I found Amazon sold used books and ordered a few; the joy of reading paperbooks without the guilt!
  123. age=>28
    blog a random blurb about my birthday
  124. Appointment notifications using Telegram app
    dev A how-to for signing up to receive appointment notifications for GNIB and VISA appointments
  125. Setting up notifications via Telegram
    dev Automating notification of new appointments through the Telegram app
  126. Analysing GNIB appointment app survey responses
    dev Gathering requirements and making decisions based on the survey of 59 participants
  127. ISWC 2017
    blog The top conference in my domain that took place in Vienna
  128. Bratislava
    blog An hour away from Vienna, this city is great for a day's walking tour
  129. Vienna
    blog A wonderful city with great culture and food.
  130. Workaholic - don't be working full time
    blog Working without indulging the other things I want to do is being an workaholic
  131. Modelling provenance for GDPR compliance using linked open data vocabularies
    Full Paper Creating GDPRov by extending PROV-O and P-Plan ontologies for ex-ante and ex-post representation of processes for GDPR
  132. Compliance through Informed Consent: Semantic Based Consent Permission and Data Management Model
    Full Paper Reference architecture for management of consent-based provenance, processes, permissions, and obligations based on GDPR
  133. undercurrents of a soul
    stories the cold city and its dark shadows
  134. mother!
    blog mother! is a masterpiece based on allegorical depiction of mother earth set in a biblical setting with Him
  135. Linked Data Contracts to Support Data Protection and Data Ethics in the Sharing of Scientific Data
    Full Paper Creating DPRL by extending ODRL to represent machine-readable contracts following GDPR
  136. Utilising Semantic Web Ontologies to publish Experimental Workflows
    Full Paper Reviewing workflow reproducibility using semantic web and their publication with traditional documents along with licensing annotations
  137. random #2017081701
    poems random musings
  138. Documenting ontologies using Widoco
    dev Widoco is a nifty utility to document OWL2 vocabularies
  139. Setting up Pubby
    dev Using pubby to expose resources in a dataset
  140. Setting up Openlink Virtuoso
    dev Setting up Virtuoso as a triple-store and serving with Nginx
  141. Setting up Fuseki
    dev Getting Apache Fuseki up and running with minimal configuration
  142. RDF/OWL content-negotiation using NGINX
    dev Performing content-negotiation for RDF and OWL types with Nginx
  143. Tools for Semantic Web
    dev A (WIP) list of tools and utilities for working with Semantic Web
  144. Primer on Semantic Web Ontologies
    dev A short description for RDF,RDFS, and OWL and their serialisation formats
  145. Two surprisingly productive weeks
    blog After spending two productive weeks, I sat down to think why I could get things done
  146. Notification when printing *actually* completes
    dev a script to notify when the printer actually finishes the printing job
  147. BOI Mobile - nothing fishy; needs better documentation
    research blog A mobile banking app that is under-documented, but not suspicious
  148. Whatsapp - sensibly private; but tainted by Facebook
    research blog Whatsapp holds up a reputation of being simple and sensible; the presence of Facebook makes it hard to swallo
  149. iOS 11 location-aware blue notification bar
    research blog iOS solidifies its privacy with location-aware notification bar
  150. Privacy Guard
    research blog An app study using Privacy Guard on Android
  151. The Stanley Parable
    blog One of the most bizzare and charming video games out there, An experience not to be missed
  152. nested for loops
    dev resolve nested for loops by preventing repeated iterations
  153. INSIDE
    blog One of the finest games, a work of art, a philosophical essay
  154. Lord of the Rings marathon
    blog LotR extended edition marathon at the local cinema; EPIC
  155. Wonder Woman
    blog A film full of cliche; though confusingly popular and critically acclaimed
  156. My new custom built gaming PC
    blog Here's my shiny new gaming PC, totally custom built, and totally AWESOME
  157. Just a minor setback
    blog The ordeal of waiting for my gaming PC and finding it doesn't work
  158. Doom
    blog Doom (2016) is a reboot / continuation of the iconic Doom game
  159. Inheriting klip
    dev Inheriting the klip project, cleaning it up, and documenting it
  160. previous project - kindle annotations
    dev The previous project of parsing kindle annotations
  161. Setting up a Facebook bot to respond with available GNIB/VISA appointments
    dev Facebook bot that responds to messages with appointments
  162. Chrome extension for loading/saving form data
    dev Using a chrome extension to automatically populate GNIB forms
  163. Retrieving Visa appointments
    dev Retrieving visa appointments similar to GNIB appointments
  164. Heroku app to view GNIB appointments
    dev Using a free heroku app to easily view GNIB appointments
  165. Getting appointments using python
    dev Retrieving GNIB appointments using python
  166. Getting appointments using bash
    dev Retrieving GNIB appointments using a bash scripr
  167. Reverse engineering an easy way to check GNIB appointments
    dev Using reverse engineering to easily pull appointments from the GNIB website
  168. Full Stack Website Guide
    dev An overview of everything that goes into making a full stack website
  169. Just look right
    stories To be free of it, just look right
  170. I'm a Ghost in the Shell fan, and I do not give my consent to this
    blog The hollywood film manages to turn something awesome and iconic into blithering garbage that still looks stunning
  171. Random2017032201
    poems Just musing
  172. Birthdays in an adult world
    blog This birthday, I realised that being an adult changes a lot of things
  173. Dead men do tell tales
    stories The bodies this time are not under the floor
  174. Only a kiss
    poems A strange night
  175. Revenge is a mindless beast
    stories The quest of a man and his revenge
  176. Firefly
    stories A little girl and her fascination with fireflies
  177. 9 Nov'16 - a wake up call to all
    blog Why the day is a wake up all, especially after Brexit. A rant.
  178. When burning bridges heal
    poems A heartfelt poem about walking past once burnt pathways
  179. Canon 350d
    blog Bought an used canon 350d from the web on the cheap!
  180. Song of the blue jay
    poems Just a simple tune I whipped up
  181. A model for contextual data sharing in smartphone applications
    Full Paper Creating a semantic data storage and sharing mechanism for smarter apps similar to Google Now and Siri with a prototype for Android
  182. My sticky notes won't stick
    poems One tiny thing is all it takes to just explode
  183. The Godman
    stories A man claims he can talk to god. What does the news say?
  184. My Macbook Air (2013) games better than my old Dell Studio 1556
    blog To my surprise, I found that my Macbook Air had better graphics than the old Dell laptop. Such shock!
  185. The Use of Open Data to Improve the Repeatability of Adaptivity and Personalisation Experiment
    Short Paper Arguing advantages of using of linked data for published user modeling and adaptibility experiments for accessibility and reproducibility
  186. Broken Mirrors
    stories In a world of perfect mirrors, broken mirrors are condemned to sadness and solitude
  187. Why I'm Single
    poems when people keep asking me why I'm single
  188. Wonderful Friendship
    poems How wonderful friendships are
  189. noise
    poems too many things happening around us
  190. limelight
    poems the limelight of a (new) life
  191. Mediocre but not bad
    blog Batman v Superman wasn't that bad, it just wasn't good
  192. random #16032501
    poems was thinking what would I think if in addiction
  193. Somehow, I'm doing a PhD
    blog Through a combination of many events, I've landed into doing a PhD, something that i've always wanted to do
  194. random #16031201
    poems just a random poem about life
  195. Wings and Wisdom
    poems A tale of a flight and life
  196. Of nails and hearts
    poems The pain and agony of having failed a dream
  197. Forbidden Fruit
    poems A take on the biblical story of Eden
  198. In my dreams
    poems something about dreams
  199. Gratification can lead to Stagnation
    blog Gratification can lead to Stagnation
  200. The Magic Ring
    stories adventures of a magic ring
  201. GTD with Wunderlist
    blog Getting things done with Wunderlist
  202. Purple Dilation
    stories a mysterious affliction, labs, and purple eyes
  203. Azure
    stories A mystical journey to the blue peaks
  204. an unknown nostalgia
    poems leaving home to go away
  205. checking if time difference between stations are the same
    dev checking if the time differences between each train run and station is the same
  206. handling special cases
    dev handling some of the special cases in the train schedule
  207. populating train schedule
    dev Populating the train schedule and directions
  208. designing data models for trains, timings, and station
    dev A model for updating train timetables
  209. give & take lists
    dev comparing movies with friends
  210. Where do I draw a line?
    blog Where people share what amounts to child porn in WhatsApp groups
  211. imdbnator - like this, but classier
    dev Found a website that already does something similar to HDD-indexer
  212. The pitfalls of discovering the unoriginality of your work
    blog The pitfalls of discovering the unoriginality of your work
  213. Facebook patent describes how you may be refused a loan based on who you're friends with
    blog Facebook's forage into finance is a disaster for privacy
  214. Dear Facebook, where's my freedom of choice?
    blog Dear Facebook, where's my freedom of choice?
  215. HDD-indexer v0.1
    dev First implementation
  216. Choosing the right framework
    dev choosing the right framework for implementation
  217. A model for contextual data sharing in smartphone applications
    Thesis Creating a semantic data storage and sharing mechanism for smarter apps similar to Google Now and Siri with a prototype for Android
  218. chiasmus
    stories an inversion of pairs
  219. The Dark Tower
    blog The Dark Tower
  220. by the moonlight
    poems a proposal in the moonlight
  221. 'shrooms
    poems got some mushrooms at the farmer's market
  222. bedtime
    poems bedtime
  223. aftermath
  224. distance
  225. first flight
    poems flying paper planes
  226. The Teapot
    stories A little girl plays with her teapot
  227. dust and destiny
    stories an adventure in the desert
  228. A Lasting Legacy
    blog A Lasting Legacy
  229. The Birthday Boy
    poems Experience on the birthday
  230. random #15030701
    poems random 20150307a
  231. monotony
    poems the monotony of life
  232. stellar
    stories the birth of a star
  233. Mindfuck Movies
    blog Mindfuck Movies
  234. finding monsters under the bed
    stories finding monsters under the bed
  235. courage
    stories a strange plant, and the will
  236. apple sauce in cranberry juice
    stories A humorous thriller about food
  237. Irish weather
    poems the sheer volatility of weather in Ireland
  238. Whatsapp Web is retarded
    blog Instead of providing web messaging, WhatsApp Web relies on the phone
  239. The Google Interview - A dream halfway through
    blog Going through the Google interview process
  240. The shallow creek
    poems random thoughts in monsoons
  241. kisses anonymous
    poems a mysterious night
  242. criticise me, please!
    blog criticise me, please!
  243. Submitting my thesis - at the end of one journey and the beginning of another
    blog Submitting my thesis - at the end of one journey and the beginning of another
  244. little birdy learns to fly
    stories taking the plunge, a bird leans to fly
  245. The Traveller
    stories An adventure atop a mystical mountain
  246. sol
    poems a short one about the sun
  247. The Feeling
    blog The Feeling
  248. the thumping sound
    stories a mystery of a sound
  249. How companies promise white lies
    blog The misadventures of advertising
  250. pech
    stories pech
  251. orphans
    stories a short but touching tale
  252. miscalculation
    stories a small tiny little miscalculation
  253. Smile
    blog Smile
  254. Just tell them they are wrong
    blog Just tell them they are wrong
  255. Sensationalism[LIVE]
    blog The irrational sensationalism sold by news media
  256. 10 signs you were born to make it big
    blog 10 signs you were born to make it big
  257. The Umbrella
    stories The Umbrella
  258. Xenophobia
    stories aliens? hospitals? who's sane? who's insane?
  259. Fear is a choice
    blog Fear is a choice
  260. Box of happiness
    stories Box of happiness
  261. Saptapadi
    stories the ritual of seven rounds around a pyre
  262. Completing Super Hexagon
    blog Completing Super Hexagon
  263. Being passionate is sexy
    blog Being passionate is sexy
  264. 101 Thought Provoking Questions
    blog 101 Thought Provoking Questions on life
  265. Chrysanthemum - II
    stories sadness and longing, and chrysanthemums
  266. Chrysanthemum
    stories a tale of mystery and chrysanthemums
  267. birthday poem 2014
    poems something about my birthday
  268. I want to fly
    poems a wish to fly
  269. Where do write-ups originate?
    blog Where do write-ups originate?
  270. how we came to be
    stories a history of existense
  271. Lost Treasures
    stories a myth surrounding great treasures
  272. do cup chai
    stories a warm encounter over two cups of tea
  273. Handicapped
    blog Handicapped
  274. Why I'm glad I learnt the basics
    blog Why I'm glad I learnt the basics
  275. What Indian TV soaps taught me
    blog What Indian TV soaps taught me
  276. Behind the veil
    stories Behind the veil
  277. The Plight of languages in India
    blog The Plight of languages in India
  278. carrying roses
    stories love and kindness go together
  279. My experiences at Startup Weekend Dublin
    blog My experiences at Startup Weekend Dublin
  280. Aims in Life
    blog Aims in Life
  281. Repetition in News Aggregator
    dev service that organises news from different sources by topic
  282. The Moon Plan
    blog Why I'm convinced we're going to the Moon!
  283. a slow attraction
    poems a slow attraction
  284. a lark in the storm
    poems a lark in the storm
  285. an experiment in quads
    poems an experiment in quads
  286. Roads and Rains
    blog the literal pitfalls of rains
  287. newfound zeal
    poems moving ahead with motivation
  288. the mask over the heart
    poems an emotional outburst
  289. Look into your mind
    poems introspecting inner thoughts
  290. Dingle
    poems About my trip to Dingle
  291. Resolve
    poems a resolve to keep moving ahead
  292. good morning - dawn
    poems describing the dawn
  293. human life introspection
    poems instrospecting some cultural assumptions
  294. Happy Day
    poems a nice day outside sets the mood right
  295. distance
    poems on and off things
  296. Relationship Development Life Cycle (RDLC)
    blog how to develop a relationship based on software engineering principles
  297. A traveler
    poems A traveler
  298. you are my superhero
    poems a thankful epitaph for a friend
  299. beautiful hair
    poems When I found mesmerising hair
  300. burn them down
    poems getting rid of unwanted thoughts
  301. Letter by a Computer Engineer
    blog Letter by a Computer Engineer
  302. destiny will decide the end
    poems destiny and the path ahead
  303. don't want to leave
    poems when you're happy and don't want to go
  304. mind after work
    poems coming home after work
  305. lucky internet
    poems random musings about internet
  306. lived my life
    poems a fleeting thought about death
  307. you besides me
    poems a short poem describing recent events
  308. on an impulse
    poems on an impulse
  309. Anti-Valentine
    poems sick of the valentine ceremonies everywhere
  310. How to make a killer ad
    blog How to make a killer ad
  311. Adventure at the mall
    blog Adventure at the mall
  312. KWEST: A Semantically Tagged Virtual File System
    Report A virtual filesystem that allows automated semantic organisation and suggestions
  313. Using association rule learning in a Semantic file system
    Short Paper A virtual filesystem that allows automated semantic organisation and suggestions
  314. KWEST: A Semantically Tagged Virtual File System
    Short Paper A virtual filesystem that allows automated semantic organisation and suggestions
  315. Rain
    poems the coming of the rain
  316. The watch that never showed time
    poems A story about a special watch
  317. Pyrex
    poems Pyrex is a strong glass
  318. Pearl
    poems A dating experience
  319. Thundersky
    poems a child watching the onset of thunder
  320. can I ask you something?
    poems a million questions for a friend
  321. su's birthday poem
    poems a birthday gift for Su
  322. unknown X
    poems the unknown in life
  323. Aquapyre
    poems The story of fire and water - Aquapyre
  324. The girl at midnight
    poems meeting someone surprising
  325. why did you do this?
    poems acrostic poem about recent events
  326. The Red Dame
    poems A story I wrote in-flight
  327. Kryptonite
    poems Based on the song by Three Doors Down
  328. a friend who went away
    poems a friend who went away
  329. paper boat
    poems floating paper boats in the rain
  330. a reply to a poem
    poems a reply to a poem
  331. a scenic morning
    poems a scenic morning
  332. Pretended Friend
    poems Thoughts about prentese in friendship
  333. turmoil of things
    poems musings about life and things
  334. friendship day poem
    poems friendship day poem
  335. my two best friends
    poems about my two dearest friends
  336. zany zeal
    poems channeling all the excitement
  337. somewhere far away
    poems romantic musings
  338. sometimes
    poems fleeting thoughts
  339. tired
    poems an emotional outburst
  340. time is for eternity
    poems an emotional outburst
  341. sick of things
    poems annoyed at the little things
  342. regret
    poems anout regrets in things
  343. my life is at stake
    poems a reaction to events
  344. life's turn
    poems a synapsis of life
  345. how are you?
    poems a poem in a message
  346. hatred
    poems an emotional outburst
  347. good night
    poems wishing good night
  348. hate me
    poems an emotional outburst
  349. time has stung me
    poems an emotional outburst
  350. good morning
    poems a poem wishing good morning
  351. girl
    poems a random poem about a girl
  352. exaltation
    poems a feeling of exaltation
  353. education system
    poems a rant on the education system
  354. deep dark night
    poems mounting will against the night
  355. declaration
    poems telling that I like someone
  356. bored
  357. betrayal
    poems betrayal
  358. a tear
    poems a tear
  359. a lucky friend
    poems a lucky friend
  360. a lonely heart
    poems a lonely heart
  361. 1+1=11
    poems A take on how politics is adding 1+1 to get 11
  362. waiting for her
    poems waiting for someone
  363. About a girl
    poems describing a personal story