Why I'm Single

when people keep asking me why I'm single
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
emotional poem rant

A lot many mysteries, are kept aside for me to be asked,
Why am I still single? Why haven’t I found a girl?
And to all those questions, I have a simple reply,
If you keep opening the oyster, you won’t have a pearl.

Weird looks, annoyed stances, and peer pressure follow,
As I laugh at my amusing charades, maybe they are witty;
But others still wonder, if they are not those who don’t care,
And I fear they will join each other, and form a committee.

To why I’m single, I do not know.
And if you do, just a sec, “Whoa!”
It’s not a situation worthy of your attention,
So stop mentioning it like it’s a tension.
I’ll be not-single when I want to,
To put a time-frame on it is cuckoo.

The real reason people say is about me,
That I’m too crazy, weird, or different.
I do not know what they mean at that,
Though I have a hint, I must be indifferent.

Or that I suck at relationships,
I dare them to come and try.
If I cannot live with them,
I won’t hang them out to dry.

To why I’m single, I do not know.
Maybe it’s all related to the time flow.
How things happen when they happen,
And nothing can just up it and tap in.
I’ll be not-single when I want to,
So stop lining up the question in a queue.

Maybe I haven’t been paying attention,
Or maybe it is not out of my control.
Who believes or pays attention to people,
They know nothing of love and the soul.

Maybe I should go out there,
And just get engaged to any random girl.
That would shut up people,
If they won’t start talking marriage in a whirl.

To why I’m single, I do not know.
I cannot work on it like a plough.
Such things need a delicate art,
It is after all, a matter of the heart.
I’ll be not-single when I want to,
So stop coercing me to woo.

It is a simple question, with an unanswer.
There is but nothing else left to say.
I’m single because I’m single,
My hair is still black, not grey.