random #200611

fleeting thoughts
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
nature random reflection routine

Today I woke up from sleep, a gray misty daze
And I looked in the mirror and saw myself there
A shadow of the past with an unsteady gaze
Moving through the day, barely aware.

I wondered what happened to life and love
Where it all went away, I don't know
Now I touch everything with care, in a glove
A good memory seems so long ago

It is bright outside, but it blinds me
I do not know anymore how to see
The days and the nights are the same
Where I fail myself and create the blame

I wish this all were a dream, but I remember the start
I wish this all was imaginary, but I am stuck in reality
I wish there was an option to restart,
But there's no higher power for an enquiry.

At the end I am alone, a single body to the others
Inside there are a thousand storms raging
Each one wanting to control and smother
I grow older and care less everyday, simply aging