How to speak so that people want to listen

Gist of a very handy TED talk for speaking
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by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
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7 deadly sins of speaking

things we need to avoid

  1. gossip: speaking ill of someone who is not present
  2. judging
  3. negativity
  4. complaining: viral misery
  5. excuses
  6. emroidery, exaggeration: lying
  7. dogmatism: confusion of facts with opinions

HAIL - 4 powerful cornerstones for speech

HAIL: to greet or acclaim enthusiastically

H - honesty (be true and straight in what you say) A - Authenticity (being yourself, standing in your own truth) I - Integrity (be your word, doing what you say) L - Love (not romantic love, wishing people well)

voice is a toolbox

very few people open their voice as a toolbox

  • register (e.g. falsetto; talking from the noise or throat or chest - where the weight is) we associate depth with power and authority
  • timbre (how the voice feels) we prefer voice that feels rich
  • prosody (sing-song, meta-language) speaking in one note, or varying
  • pace (fast or slow) towards the end is silence to emphasise
  • pitch (higher or lower)
  • volume (louder is more excited) quiet can make people pay attention

6 vocal exercises to warm up your voice

  1. give a deep sign to warm the lips with your arms up
  2. say bo (emphasis on the ending)
  3. say brrrrr (with the r rolling on the tongue)
  4. say la la la la (exaggerate tongue)
  5. say r (roll the r)
  6. say seeeaawww (high and low and high along each sound change)