life's turn

a synapsis of life
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
friends personal poem

so long i have been awake,
so long without any sleep.
my troubles are poisons part-take
they also run deep.
each new day brings a clot in my veins,
which finds its way into my heart.
my bosy fills with exaggerating pain,
someone has shot me a poisoned dart.
all this because the person i love isnt with me
i wish i could leave forever and simply flee
but destiny is walking me on another sharp turn
i am being scathed, being tortured with a searing burn
i dont know when everything ends
i just want to go back home
i am being surrounded by two trusty friends
together by the roadside we roam
at last a ray of hope shines upon me
i now set out for life’s newest journey…