paper boat

floating paper boats in the rain
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
poem story image for paper boat

The clouds today danced
Up, above, into the sky
Everyone joined them
Even the birds that fly

The air was chilly
A cold wind that blew
Everything looked beautifull
Everything looked new

On these dancing faces
Fell the first drops of water
There was a growing joy
The birds began to chatter

Grabbing hordes of paper
Running out of our home
Going to our usual lair
Where the sun first shone

Running to the hill
Where a stream will flow
Water will come swirling down
Emitting a pearly white glow

Hastily folding pieces of paper
A race to make it stay afloat
Amongst us and the countryside
We make the season’s first paperboat

Leaving each one into the water
We bid a farewell with flare
We do this cause it makes us happy
Till there is no more paper to spare

We watch admiringly our work
While sitting on the soft wet hay
And over there, that one
My favourite boat sails away…