random #190601

listening to my inner self
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
nature random

Oh look at the sky, the dark clouds rolling over the horizon,
Feel the cold wind on your skin, the sun and the euphoria ;
Don't worry now, don't think or speak, just dream in silence,
Let the waves roll over, stuck between bliss and nausea...

Listen closely, do you hear the ticking of the clock?
It is the passing of your time, you too should move along ;
Dream you are flying, soaring in the skies like a hawk,
Up in the bluest of skies, stuck between tears and a song...

Do you see sun amidst the falling snow?
Don't wake up yet, stay asleep a little longer ;
The nightmare isn't over yet, you know,
You'll need to be even more stronger...

Gently, walk towards the cliff, there's no need to run,
There's a deep chasm there, full of eternal darkness ;
Don't push yourself off the edge, you're still in the sun,
Soak up the warmth, forget the feeling of being heartless...

Don't be afraid of me, keep me inside you,
Let me be the seed of hope in your heart ;
Together we will be stronger to pull through,
And you can wake up, finally able to make a start...