Pyrex is a strong glass
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
poem story

When you feel trapped inside
With no way seen to get out
When it seems you have failed
Hit upon by the mightiest clout

When it seems you are loosing
An inadvertent race against time
When it seems a long time ago
You lived a life of beauty sublime

When every dream you dreamnt
Appears shattered on your face
When everyone seems mad at you
You being a big cloud of disgrace

When there is nothing more left
No justification to give or say
When there is just one way left
A path you choose in dismay

When you wished you were dead
Never to see and live this day
When all that is left to do is
To be someone’s puppet of clay

Just a question you should ask
To your own godamned soul
Didnt you see this day, when
you worked out your life’s role

When you chose your morals
And swore by them to stand
And promised that one day
You’d own the sky over the land

And like sudden clouds and thunder
You’ve fallen down as the ugly rain
Seeing how you fell from above
You cry about the fall and the pain

Couldn’t you be strong when you started
Couldn’t you have a strong inner wall
Couldn’t you stop and see the way ahead
Couldn’t you learn this before the fall