The Birthday Boy

Experience on the birthday
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
personal poem

The ticking of the clock
Walking an impatient walk
The exasperating wait for joy
Wish me, I’m a birthday boy

The buzzing of messages
The clattering of dishes
The amusing charade of a decoy
There’s cake! I’m a birthday boy

The calls start pouring in
Kisses on my cheek and chin
Someone hands me a party toy
I blow it, I’m the birthday boy

It’s my birthday, and I’m 25
Kicking, screaming, and alive
I’m nice, but I can also annoy
It’s fun! I’m a birthday boy

There’s a party, and even a clown
I love to see the smiles around
Every year at the onset of spring
For this one day, I’m like the King