The girl at midnight

meeting someone surprising
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
poem story

Various dreams and nightmares
I’ve had throughout my life
But nothing haunts me more
Than the girl at midnight

A face so beautifull
Shining in the moonlight
Take a step towards her
And she vanishes from sight

Whether I’m at home
By the window, or the door
She never fails to appear
I wish I could see her more…

So many passions I’ve had
Of love, lust and some fright,
But nothing ignites me such
As the Girl at midnight…

To see her through the fog,
Glowing like the full moon,
I run along after her…
Hoping to catch her soon

Only to step on a boulder
To fall down with a cry,
To see her smile at me
An expression so wry…

I ask her for help
But she runs far…
Leaving me, the boulder
and an horrible scar…

The next time I see her
Oh! It’s been so late.
What cruel things do
When you believe in fate!

I cry out after her
Beg her for her name
I want to end this thing
Or I would go insane…

She inches closer, towards me
Or am I dreaming???
The brush of her lips over mine;
And my heart was reaming….

By the time I opened my eyes
She had been long gone
I could do nothing now
Execpt write this song…