DPV v1 Checklist

Items and their progress towards the first stable release of DPV
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by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
is part of: Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV)
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In preparation for DPV's v1 release, this is a collection of tasks to be done. They are separated into those where Volunteers are requested to assist, and those that I have to do myself. Where a task already has an existing GitHub issue, use that for commenting & discussion. Otherwise, feel free to open a new issue. Where a task has writing or reviewing, you can directly submit content via emails, attachments, shared docs, etc. The specs are written in HTML, so I don't have a plain-text version but can produce it using pandoc on request.

Volunteers Welcome

Harsh ToDo

Old content useful as guide for Future



first draft - https://w3id.org/dpv/primer
add examples in SKOS
add examples in RDFS
add examples in OWL
add examples in JSON-LD
add diagrams
editorial proofreading


update spec to latest release - https://w3id.org/dpv/primer
add links to primer
add links to other documents
remove material duplicated in primer
programmatic diagrams
programmatic linking of use-cases
programmatic linking of relevant examples


simple, common, small use-cases
complex use-cases
use-cases from papers and projects
use-cases from DPA decisions and court law
use-cases from real-world privacy policies


examples in RDFS
examples in OWL
examples in SKOS
examples in JSON-LD
examples in programming languages as libraries


ROPA documents generated from DPV - see DPCat article
Privacy Policies generated from DPV
Privacy Policies annotated with DPV
Consent Notices generated from DPV - (see PaE:CG project deliverable)
Consent Notices annotated with DPV - (see PaE:CG project deliverable)
Rules expressed using ODRL and DPV - (see proposal on mailing list)
DPIA generated from DPV - (see proposal on mailing list)
Interoperable data exchange using DPV


DPV structure design choices
Rationale for Personal Data Handling
Freedom vs Restriction in concept use



Countries - https://w3id.org/dpv/dpv-legal
Supra-national bodies, e.g. EU and EEA - https://w3id.org/dpv/dpv-legal
DPAs for regions (national level) - https://w3id.org/dpv/dpv-legal
Laws for regions (to add national level laws)
Legal Bases in regions (to add national legal bases)
Rights (EU) - (see proposal on mailing list)


Revamp quale, e.g. explicit consent, informed consent - (see proposal on mailing list)
GDPR's consent types in DPV-GDPR - (see proposal on mailing list)
consent attributes from PAECG project - (see proposal on mailing list)


Common infra - Databases, Cookies, Servers - https://w3id.org/dpv/dpv-tech
Processes and capabilities e.g. Querying in relation to processing - https://w3id.org/dpv/dpv-tech
Technical measures present in technology, e.g. database has access control - needs proposal to express such collections

Standards and Specifications

ISO/IEC (cybersec and management) - - (see proposal on mailing list)
W3C (for internet)
IETF (for internet)


Concepts like Apps, Services, Products - https://w3id.org/dpv/dpv-tech
Services (i.e. grouping of Purposes)


Permissions and Restrictions - (see proposal on mailing list)
Constraints - (see proposal on mailing list)
Duty - (see proposal on mailing list)
segway into ODRL without overlap - (see proposal on mailing list)


German - needs translators
French - needs translators



Risk DPIA Tech/Org Technologies Standards Consent Data Breach Data Transfer Rules
AUG 01 – AUG 07
AUG 08 – AUG 14
AUG 15 – AUG 21
AUG 22 – AUG 28
AUG 29 – SEP 04
SEP 05 – SEP 11


Spec Primer Examples Use-Case Tutorials Guides
AUG 01 – AUG 07
AUG 08 – AUG 14
AUG 15 – AUG 21
AUG 22 – AUG 28
AUG 29 – SEP 04
SEP 05 – SEP 11