Based on the song by Three Doors Down
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
poem story

lost in the clouds
fighting against the time
i walk around the world
to ease my mind

i watch the earth
from the dark side of the moon
i reach everywhere i want
that too so very soon

coming from far away
i am the last of my clan
there’s nothing i can’t do
they call me the superman

holding hands down the lake
i always keep it by my side
until it is too much for me
the power of the kryptonite

no trace of fear
in the power of my hands
and they keep calling me
by the name of the superman

tracing destiny through a will
that’s harder than granite
hurt only in the way
by the power of the kryptonite

yet i fight them all
and save the people’s minds
and they all praise me
and call me the superman

although it hurts me
deeper from the inside
i cannot let go of it
my kryptonite…

lost in the new world
buried amongst the sands of time
the only thing that’s mine
will kill me – my kryptonite