unknown X

the unknown in life
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
philosophy poem

Some are busy finding answers
some raising questions ahead
some claim  to solve mysteries
some search till they are dead…

material things are plenty
money overflowing in the banks
still they search for somethingeir
not satisfied with their ranks

the poor that starve the street
too busy planning their bread
to think morally about answers
or questions to add their dread

and those of us who read and write
never bothering to follow what we say
to claim we are really happy in life
do we really believe we are gay ???

money most men find enchanting
others find women to abhor
most often they even kow not
what they want anymore….

love, life, sex, obsession
blood, magic or a religion?
rape, murder, violent crimes
or simply a war with a gun???

always following what we believe to be
etchings of those gone beofre us…
to look, stumble, fall, get up again
what have we achieved in the end thus?

to the great philosophers that preach
to baffle and confuse what you read
and to those who sincerely believe in it
Hypocrites!!! their own lifes are so dead

to unravel lifes mysteries
really death should be a start
or why in you happiest moments
everything starts coming apart

or what you make of people
the nation, the world, or your friend
or like great mathematical equations
‘X’ shall remain unknown till the end…