About a girl

describing a personal story
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
personal poem story

This is the story of a girl
With hair soft and sweet
Whose eyes shone with a twinkle
Her laugh of pearly white teeth

She was thin and fair
With spare height
Her walk was graceful
A lovely delight

Everything was normal for her
Until she fell in love with a boy
It was an honest addiction
Like her first childhood toy

Her life started on paths
That were wavy and turned
Her heart awoke with a fire
That sizzled and burned

At first she didn’t understand what
And how would he make a difference
But still she was wooed by him
His boyish charms and persistence

Soon she stopped being his buddy
And became his bestest friend
Her love was pure and sweet
Apparently without any ends

They would lie awake at nights
Just to talk to each other
She would hide her life’s love
From her father, mother and brother

Life always brought her closer
Into an joyful bliss
She was yearning to meet
To get a hug and an kiss

Soon destiny fulfilled her desire
Cause she went on a date
Already nervous, she perspired
Because she had been late

He had bought her
Roses the color of blood
Seeing them she smiled
Her heart beat a thud

He asked her if she would be his
And she just couldn’t answer a no
She hugged him tightly and kissed
Till it was time for her to go

She was madly in love
More than she let him know
Awakened, her heart beat faster
And emotions began to flow

Back home, all her thoughts and dreams
Were cherished memoirs of them together
Early in the morning she simply concluded
They could not live without each other

She laid awake all night
Talking over phone
With the morning’s first light
She was again alone

Thus passed the months of September-October
And she was still going strong
It was her wildest dream and an intuition
That nothing would go wrong

With hope in her heart she entered November
The month that was cursed black
She never knew that by the end of it
Her love and life would just slack

Mad in her love
She broke many more rules
She gifted him on her birthday
Something very hip and cool

On her birthday
She wanted him for a date
She stood o’er cursing
Cause he was late

Soon she cooled down
And took him to shopping mall
Hand-in-hand she ignored
Others who were handsome & tall

Suddenly she insisted
For being to his place
She started arguing
Who would win the race?

Finally he succumbed
And took her to his home
His friends greeted warmly
And left the two alone

Lust finally erupted in her
And she was closer than skin and fur
Everything else around her
Was quickly turning into a rapid blur

He was naughty
He was also nice
The day brought in their relation
A little bit of sexy spice

Soon it was time for her to go
Her dad was waiting
She didn’t want him to think that
She was out mating

But she was really surprised
When her dad didn’t shout at all
She knew she had escaped
From a very big fall

Up continued her
Torrid love affair
She didn’t meet much
She had no secret lair

He took her for a movie
That was all and all blue
The people who came there
Were very very few

That day he gave her
His life’s treasure, his dairy
For him, she was the loveliest
An angel, and a fairy

But fate decided to curse her
And shower her with thorns
Back home, her mom tortured her
With questions and scorns

She had read his secret book
And was up with rage
How dare he loves my daughter
Kill that boy in a animal cage

But still she went strong
And they kept loving each other
She hid her dear one
From her angry mother

Times were difficult
But still she went strong
It was her strong intuition
Nothing more would go wrong

Little did she know
Of what lay ahead
The games the devil
Was playing in his head

He was frustrated with fate
And he confused their love
She sobbed, she cried
She started to hate

She was in great pain
Crying half the day,
She wanted to kill,
To curse, to slay

But she knew deep down
What was happening
Inside her hearts arc
Her love was very deep

It had etched itself there
And left her a mask
She still loved him
Deeply and dearly

Soon the senses
In his head came back
He apologized
He had lost his track

She was careful
She took her time
He wanted to love her again
But she didn’t give a dime

But her love overpowered her
And she forgave him
She renewed their love
And shared her dream

For everyone who like this story,
There’s something she wants to tell
That nothing can separate them,
Not even the sound of the knell

He paid for his mistake,
All the timely dues,
‘what’s next? ‘, if you ask…
– their story continues! ! !