Questions about Self-Publishing

Questions I have investigating if self-publishing is a good and sustainable model
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
academia publications

This is a placeholder post for questions I have about self-publishing. I will update these as I form more opinions and gather more knowledge.

Where to publish?

  • self website / Github
  • effort to set up
  • literacy in technologies
  • best-practices knowledge?


  • long term archiving and maintainence?
  • personally, I think public spending + universities should provide platform for open publishing and the university archives can be indexed - but this means non-university staff cannot contribute?
  • web-archive is only archive, ideally original source should persist

How to verify authenticity of publisher?

  • how to ensure identity of 'owner' (not that current publishers do any of these)
  • how to ensure article is not 'altered' later after 'publishing'? - current third-party publishing means control is not with you, so less interest in changing a particular article
  • maybe have MD5 saved with external 'declaration' of publication? (current third-party publishing does not guarentee this either)


  • Where to put 'notice' of where the article was reviewed? Currently, the proceedings first pages provide some information on process, chairs, etc.
  • How to prove the published article was peer-reviewed? (current third-party publishing does not guarentee this either, it is all on 'good faith')
  • How to get it indexed / searcheable? e.g. Google Scholar, DBLP, etc. Currently, limited to select publishers so their websites are selectively targeted for indexing (I assume)
  • Some system to 'declare' an article is now published e.g. OpenCitation + crawler?

Compatibility with tools

  • Least effort scenario is to use existing tools e.g. output PDF with metadata (title, author)
  • For HTML articles, need tools to detect and parse article e.g. bibliography tool to detect metadata