The story of fire and water - Aquapyre
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
poem story

” Behold! I arrive with a spectacle,
That is sure to shock and surprise!
For I have been granted power great,
If you do not believe, have a sight! ”

Said the madman in some delight,
Dressed in old rags, patched and torn,
That showed his body, skin and bone.
”Behold! ”, He shouted to the crowd, Alone.

And the words were pure magic,
Oh, but this I can surely swear…
For as soon as he uttered them,
A giant crowd had gathered there!

What spectacle this madman had? ? ?
I wondered in a fascination strange,
For I found myself running to him,
Cutting to the crowd till closer range.

” People… Men and Women alike…
And even little children come here,
I’ll show you the never seen before…
Unseen! But have no kind of fear! ”

And so they flocked in numbers large,
Like the rats to a playing Pied Piper….
How did I stuck myself in all of this? ? ?
I’m a grown up, not a child in a diaper!

His voice broke the chain of thoughts,
Shouting as he was with flaming desire.
” I’ll show you two opposites, and together!
I’ll show you water, Water burning of Fire! ”

The crowd just kept gasping out loud,
While he proceeded to prove his deed;
Amidst silent whispers emerging, he said,
”Water, is the only thing I will now need…”

And so he poured the water,
Into a bucket made of steel.
As he held a burning matchstick,
The crowd already began to reel.

It didn’t take time,
For the match to drop
And the fire to erupt…
Right from the buckets top!

The crowd went wild cheering,
Many threw around their hats;
All the time he just smiled,
Like some crooked wily rat.

I grew suspicious by the second,
”That’s no magic……”, I said…
It’s just a conman with his tricks,
I tried to console myself and my dread.

”AquaPyre! ” ”AquaPyre! ” ”AquaPyre! ”
The crowd chanted roaringly…..
For that’s what he had called it,
Water and Fire, together, surprisingly.

When finally the crowd grew quiet,
And the madman too, went home;
I set out on my own investigation,
”Light on the matter MUST be shone”

There was no questions about the water,
It was real, the same that I drank;
Then what could be the secret of it,
My ferocious little mind began to think…

I reached the scene of the spectacle,
There was no one else around;
There was just one thing, nothing else,
The bucket, which i had already found.

It looked normal,
Like the one we use everyday,
But something was wrong,
My thoughts had begun to stray.

Something shined inside the bucket,
A slimy substance, origins I am not sure;
It smelled very familiar to me…
Pungent! What my nose had to endure!

It wasn’t much,
Just a slight residue;
I just walked home,
With this thing new.

On my way back,
I met my friendly neighbour;
”Ho! Hi! How’dy do? ”
He asked in his usual vigour.

”Just strolling by…”, I answered,
I shook his hand like a dunce,
Forgetting about the slime on it,
And passed onto him the substance!

”Oh my! What’s this? ? ? ”, he yelled,
Pretty scared and surprised! ! !
On calming down, he said, he knew,
Just that it was slightly under priced.

I saw the knowledge shining on my face,
Like a full moon on a deep dark night;
I asked him with surprising eagerness,
Determined to win against the secret, a fight!

He looked confused, and at me,
”It’s just my job to know these things”
He told me, ”Cause I work at the hardware’s;
It’s just combustion oil, worth a few shillings.”

At first, a dense fog,
Obscurated my mind;
But it cleared soon,
When I did a full rewind.

The madman dropped the match.
And the water had caught fire!
Now, oil is lighter than water,
So it floated like a thin mire…!

So, I went back home,
And stopped being a Hound;
Happy with the secret,
That I myself found….

Till today, I kept quite,
For the fear of being called a liar;
But I chuckle to myself,
Whenever someone mentions the miracle of
AquaPyre! ! !