published: 2014-04-26 22:00:00, updated: 2016-03-20 13:27:01

It was my dream to go

to the worlds most beautiful place

to leave all my life aside

take a break from the hectic race

and so I reached heaven

for I do not know a better word

every sadness I had in me

was taken away and cured

I was mesmerized by my eyes

and words failed to form in my head

all that was reflected in my mind

was how beautiful this all was instead

blue skies over the head

blue seas beneath the feet

a thin line drawn where

the two collide and meet

a calm that spreads

when the passing wind blows

a serene peace comes

when the warm sun glows

in the midst of a crowd 

yet so far away, 

alone no distractions today

no emails, no phones

just a lazy afternoon

hop, skip, jump and play 

watch over the sky

so happy, so calm, so gay!

it felt like I should never leave

pack my bags and stay here

such amazing beauty shone

in all the things everywhere!!!

of dolphins and myths many

enchanted as I became aware

all I did was watch the sea

fix my eyes in a trance like stare

when the seagulls soared above

it felt like a forgotten call to me

to join them, fly, out into the sky

break the shackles, and be free

and so with a heavy heart

as I felt a longing pain…

when we started to turn back

the sky cried out in rain!