The Red Dame

A story I wrote in-flight
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
poem story

So lovely it would be
For two friends to fly
To have long chats end
And to gossip on the sly

That made me so happy
Got me to be grinned
Promising me laughter
Tickled till i screamed

Even you were so game
Till you saw her in red
She was the air hostess
And then your heart bled

I watched you turn pink
But never saw the blushing
I saw your nostrils flared
Heard you breath gushing

Your face looked molten
Like a dimly lit candle
Your knuckles were white
From gasping the handle

Your eyes looked shiny
Excited, but still weary
Your expression just froze
Man, it was so scary!

You saw her trimmed hair,
Tied in a pony, so nice
Her skirt, and long legs
Not once, but thrice! ! !

You even noticed her shoes
Short, blunt, fiery fiery red
Had i lost you? Had i? ? ?
Did you notice my dread?

I think you did not
You were still at her
Not obvious to anyone
Not even me, brother!

But that went on only till
I kicked you in the shins
And pulled out your hair
Coudn’t stop your grins

You woudn’t look at me
I didnt know what to say
So i called her up closer
Told her you were gay!