Old Website Update Ideas

Transcribing old notes regarding developing features for harshp.com
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
is part of: harshp.com
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Dev blog

Maps to current /dev section.

  • tempaltes
    • code highlight
    • font
  • layout
    • guides and tutorials
    • subsections
    • resources
    • discussions
    • my-stack
    • projects


Maps to current /blog section.

  • movies
    • reviews
    • lists
    • posts / discussions / thoughts
  • humour
  • rants
  • productivity


Maps to current /hobbies section.

  • books
  • movies
  • tv series
  • games
  • tea
  • coffee
  • photography
  • writing
    • stories
    • poems
  • can be a static collection of objects, should be usable in other sections


Does not map to any current sections. I use Gnu Cash to manage finances instead of using a custom developed finance transaction database and visualisation dashboard.

  • include transactions in budget or exclude
  • granular control - select which budgets to include or exclude
  • loans / debts as part of expenses, loan money to person, list all money owed or due
  • finance page / blog
  • category-wise spending
  • tag-wise spending
  • any possibility of data exploration tools to view/use here
  • predicted transactions - add future predicted transactions and show them on finance dashboard


Does not map to any current sections. Brainbank was supposed to be a collection of ideas that hadn't been fully explored or did not have any implementations. Some of these have gone into /dev section as posts.

  • project description page
  • posts for project


Maps to current /research section.

  • links to publications
  • link to past research
  • describe research interests
  • blog for research topics


Maps to current /me section.

  • brief info
  • talk about interesting stuff
  • likes/dislikes
  • favourites
  • memories


Does not map to any current sections. LifeX was "life experiments" - a periodical undertaking where I would choose an activity for a week or a month and then report on my experience about it. For example, to learn about different types of clouds that form in the sky, or to cook ramen, or try a new coffee shop, or try out different productivity techniques.

  • archive previous records
  • food places
  • pubs
  • photography
  • movies I want to watch
  • books I want to read
  • my desk
  • productivity

For each experiment post there will be a corresponding experiment idea which will have tags and links to similar experiments, outcomes, and whether I want to try it again.


Does not map to any current sections. This is a search feature over the website.

  • search page with options and parameters
  • suggestions
  • on bottom of every page
  • feedback page