A short poem remembering Shay
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
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I remember the first time we talked,
A short walk, I had just met you.
And you encouraged me to do well,
Said, "You should never slow down or give-up".
And though you said many things,
With that heartful smile & laugh of yours,
I could feel the wisdom in it,
And I took it all to heart.

As time passed, and I saw you if only a few times,
I witness you as a leader, a teacher, a colleague,
But you always were a friend to one and all,
In each you cared with all your heart.
And I realised one day I looked up to you,
To become like you, a good person loved by all.

It's rare to find someone who smiles, who laughs,
Whom you can always rely on, and trust, and look up to.
And to find them one day just... gone...
It leaves a dull ache in the still sobbing heart.
But your memories shall always be fond ones,
For you always had your smiles, mirrored in us.

Oh the stories we shall tell,
To each other, to anyone who will hear;
"Have you heard the legend of Shay?
He ran, he sang, he danced, he drank;
And he lived in the land of Bray."

You chased your dreams, and caught them too.
You smiled and laughed and lived your life.
Oh how greatly we miss you!

You were kind, gentle, loving.
You were strong, firm, caring.
To many you were a friend,
A bright presence in the gloomy gray.
To us you remain, Shay,
As fond memories we keep in our hearts.