Goodbye, Claire

saying goodbye
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
personal poem

I met you but didn't see,
I heard you but didn't listen,
I was unaware, I was free,
You were you, not yet with me, Claire.

An accident of fate,
A risk we would never take,
And yet we met, somehow,
I never knew I missed you, dear Claire.

Opening doors and walking with me,
Hand in hand, full of glee,
Wiping my tears, making me smile,
A lovely friend in my life, you Claire.

And when things were bright,
And the skies had sunshine,
And it seemed life was alright,
Was it all your doing, oh Claire?

Lows after the highs,
Dark clouds over the skies,
Tears falling down as rain,
There was so much pain, it hurt, Claire.

Caught with you, in this maelstrom,
I rode along, wind whipped,
Trying to keep you warm,
I hope my light wasn’t cold, Claire.

And then you left, for home,
Packed up in tears,
Left me by myself and alone,
I wish I could follow you, Claire.

It pains me so, to stay and not follow,
To not comfort you when you need it,
It makes me feel empty and hollow,
But I’m a victim of the cruel world, Claire.

I hoped in those goodbyes,
That you remember me fondly.
When we’re not under the same skies,
You would do that, wouldn’t you Claire?

I wish I could look in your eyes once more,
To say I love you, even though I hadn’t said it ever before.
But thus we leave our lives in the hands of fate,
My flower, my star, my sunshine, my Claire