published: 2012-04-16 11:00:00, updated: 2016-03-20 13:43:56

Heat bellowed out from the ground

Coming out in wispy little airy flames

The children scorned and ran inside

No more play and no more games

Their homes werent spared the heat

As it came about through the tin roof

Profusely sweating and wiping it off

Each and everyone stayed aloof

A curse escaped the lips of mother

As she ranted away at the sun

Curse him and this increasing heat

How could all the work be done?

As each and everyone sat sweating

Using wet cloths to wipe it dry

A young innocent girl ran outside

To be scolded by mother and to cry

Everyone rushed outside to the girl

No one likes to hear a crying children

The hot winds that were blowing there

Began to toss and turn and roam wild

The clouds sensed all this sadness

As it cried and shed its tears

The little girl was startled by a drop

And it dissolved all her fears

Wiping her face and looking about

She sensed the changes in the air

To her innocent mind it was heaven

As she began dancing with a flair

The onlookers were first surprised

Granny patted her blowing grizzle

And then light drops rushed about

To meet the earth in a drizzle

Sweet smell filled the air

As the heat was slain

The little girl pointed to heaven

And simply said – “RAIN“!