published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
emotional personal poem

you’ve put me in a pit from where i cannot get out,
you’ve trapped me, and i cannot even shout.
its dark, dingy and dirt around here,
my instincts have aroused, shrouding me in fear.
why are you doing this, i shout and ask you,
but looks like you give answers very few.
i am suffocating, caught in a cage, suffering pain.
i wish you would be a little more evil, and have me slain.
i dont know who you are, and why your doing this to me,
you assure me that these are to make me pay some fee…
what have i dont, i yell time and again
you ask me to shutup, threaten to whip me with a cane.
i am sobbing now, because of these unexpected turns,
your latest torture has left me with a couple of burns.
you finally enter through the dark hallway,
walking firm, but letting your clothes sway…
you walk slowly upto me, brandishing the cane,
it appears to me, you are savouring my pain.
you finally walk in a ray of light,
your face gives me a bone-chilling fright…
you are no enemy of mine, nor anyone indebted to my crime.
you are neither a feind, nor a madman,
you are a rare shell found only in the finest sand…
i could never have imagined it would be you,
even if the world had come to an end.
you were one of my pillars in life, my partners, my best friend
awed in shock at your betrayal,
i beg you to tell me your reasons.
what mistake had i commited to force you into treason..
you silently hear me, with no expression on your face.
i can see now, that i have lost life’s race.
i know that my end is very near,
death sends me into a shivering fear…
suddenly you proclaim in a voice high and dry,
your time has come, you should die
i think of all the days together, of freindship
that soared like a brids feather
i now look at you and see that i going to die
in the last moments of my life,
i put my head down, and silently cry…