why did you do this?

acrostic poem about recent events
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
emotional poem

Wafer thin wings floting above me
Hovering about for a moment free
Yearning a flower to drink nectar sweet
Dancing in the air without any feet
It sees a flower, so swoops down to see
Discovering you, it comes to tell me
Yearning to see a flower dat can dance
Obviously i come, and go into a trance
Unknown of the thorns it has on itself got
Dropping a bit of blood, the thorn, oh I forgot!
Obliterate the wounds, i must fast
Time flies as i rush home at last
Hurriedly cover the wound and run away
Imbicile i was, forgot roads, the mind sways
Surely the flower was here, but where did it go? ? ?

One question the mind asks time and again,
It refuses to let go, however large be the pain

Why did the flower hid itself from my way?
Or did someone take it very very far away?