a tear

a tear
published: (updated: )
by Harshvardhan J. Pandit
emotional poem

i sit with my face towards the heavens
i sit pondering over my life and the unexpected turns
the events of today have left me weak
just thinking of it makes my eyesight go bleak
the world is disappearing now
a thick fog unfurls, cloaking everything in it
it chills my soul,
it holds all things, nothing to show…
i am now filled with pain, its become my second skin,
forcefully that i have to wear…
so long since from life i’ve had any gain
i grow weary, and pop a tear…
as water fills my eyes and the emoition overflows,
a ray of hope shows itlsef, i see it!
my heart again beats and grows! ! !
i reach out a hand towards it
only to stumble and fall on the ground
i realise it was a trick of the fog
sickened, i succumb and get a fit…
i am in pain now,
robbed of all happiness,
my eyes are my water-bearers,
overflowing with each of my thought,
with each emotion…
i sigh, i cry;
and shed another tear…